What does Dental Practice Enhancement provide within its virtual assisting service?

Check out our services list by clicking here (click here to check out a full list of our services).

Do you review claims for accuracy? If so, is this for both dental and medical insurance billing?

Yes, we review all claims thoroughly and efficiently for accuracy before submitting them by verifying all notations, attachments, and any other pertinent information. Our team of virtual assistants are well equipped to perform these duties for billing both dental and medical insurance

Are DPE virtual assistants experienced in reading and comprehending operative reports and anesthesia records?

We are very experienced in reading and comprehending operative reports and anesthesia records with efficiency and thoroughness.

Do you work with specialty practices?

Yes, we work with OMS practices, along with, many other specialty practices.


How do you determine accuracy?

With an eye for detail, and the use of chart and operative notes, we thoroughly evaluate and determine accuracy for every claim.


What practice management software is DPE experienced with?

We are experienced with a vast array of dental practice management software systems including Dentrix (http://www.dentrix.com), Eaglesoft (http://patterson.eaglesoft.net),and Open Dental (http://www.opendental.com)

How often will my virtual assistant submit updates?

Your personal virtual assistant will send a weekly report of tasks completed, progress, and any necessary updates.

How is billing set up? Do you require a bank draft, pay by invoice upon receipt, or will you keep a credit card on file?

We will securely maintain a credit card on file for your practice and will charge it on the 1st and the 16th of the month.

What is the account set up process? How long will it take to activate my account?

The process is painless and the set-up time is minimal. After the initial intake paperwork is completed and returned to us, terms and conditions agreed upon, we would then proceed with a contract to also be signed and returned back to us

Are we assigned one virtual assistant or multiple?

This depends heavily on the volume produced from your practice. Practices with smaller volumes will find that one virtual assistant is sufficient.

What is the experience level of the virtual assistant that will be assigned to my practice?

All of our virtual assistants have a high-level of experience. Considering the vast amount of years of experience our virtual assistants possess we guarantee that your practice will be in great hands.

Will my virtual assistant be available during the day in case I have a question or concern?

You will have access to your virtual assistant via e-mail or telephone any time during the workday.