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5 Benefits of Dental Office Collections Outsourcing 

Do you feel like the day-to-day life of your practice is suffering? Do your team members come to work each day looking stressed or unhappy? Are you constantly falling behind on bill collections? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from dental office collections outsourcing. By going remote with your billing and insurance, you can take your practice to the next level, improving patient services and the lives of your staff. 

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we handle every aspect of dental billing, from insurance verification to collections calls. We have decades of experience with dental administration and are passionate about what we do! We will tailor our services to meet your needs and are confident that we can come up with a plan that is exactly right for your practice. 

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1. Outsourcing Can Dramatically Reduce Your Accounts Receivable.

No one likes making collections calls, especially if you are having to call the same patients over and over. But when you stop making those calls, your accounts receivable goes up, limiting the amount of cash coming into your practice.

We can make collections calls for you, reducing the amount of time you’re spending on the phone. We can also provide training and scripts to help you set up payment plans and reduce the amount of unpaid bills to begin with.

2. Dental Office Collections Outsourcing Allows You to Focus on Your Patients. 

We know that you didn’t go into dentistry to deal with finances. You went into it because you love to help people. By going virtual with your billing and insurance, you get to spend more time with your patients, making their office visit a pleasant experience. 

3. Remote Collections Prevents Staff Burnout.

In the last twenty years, the number of dentists struggling with anxiety has tripled. And the stress doesn’t just affect doctors; it extends to everyone in the office. When administrators feel overwhelmed by the number of collections calls they are making, they can experience anxiety, depression, reduced productivity, and even physical health problems. Dental office collections outsourcing allows your office team to lead their best personal and professional lives.

4. Outsourcing Protects Patient Privacy.

When making collections or insurance verification calls, does your billing specialist have a private office? If you are like most small dental offices, they don’t – not because you don’t care, but simply because there isn’t the space for it. 

When you outsource your billing, you can rest assured that your patients’ private information remains secure and out of earshot.

5. Remote Work Gives You Flexibility.

Hiring a billing manager is a big commitment. A new employee may not be feasible if you are a new practitioner, a dentist about to go into retirement, or if money is tight. When you outsource your billing, you get to decide how many hours are spent on insurance and billing. Here at Dental Practice Enhancement, we will help you find the right balance so that everything gets done without putting financial pressure on your practice. 

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