Virtual Administrator Services

As a practice owner, do you find that you often have too much to do and not enough time?

This becomes an issue sooner or later in any growing dental office. It can be quite difficult to cover all your day-to-day tasks while effectively meeting the needs of your patients. Dental Practice Enhancement offers virtual assisting services to take the pressure off and help you increase morale and productivity.

Reasons You Might Need a Virtual Assistant

There are several reasons why our clients use our virtual administrator services. Here are just a few signs that indicate it’s time to consider a virtual assistant:

  • You find yourself becoming more stressed about productivity.
  • You can’t afford to hire another full-time staff member.
  • You require work that you do not have the skills or time to do.
  • You want to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time treating patients.
  • Your front office staff is consistently overwhelmed with the daily workload.

Virtual Assistants Trained in Dentistry

Virtual assisting is a growing industry. As a result, you have many choices when choosing a company for your administrative needs. Our team at Dental Practice Enhancement has experience and specialized knowledge of dentistry. We know the ins and outs of dental insurance, and we always check our work with great accuracy.

If you’re thinking of hiring a virtual assistant, choose a company that can meet you where you are. Your life is already busy enough. You shouldn’t have to spend more time on training. Let our experts do the job for you.

What We Offer

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we understand that each office is unique, with its own set of specific needs. We’ll sit down with you and listen to your goals, then build a plan to accomplish them. Here are just a few of the most popular services we offer:

  • Clean claims billing
  • Review denied and rejected claims
  • Post insurance payments and make necessary adjustments
  • Verify insurance eligibility and benefits
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly statements
  • Call to collect on accounts with overdue balances
  • And much more…

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Our clients enjoy many advantages of our virtual administrative services. With a virtual assistant, you can:

  • Save time. As a practice owner, you shouldn’t be spending time on administrative tasks. You should be spending time with your patients. After all, the more patients you see, the more revenue you’ll make. Free up your schedule for what matters the most.
  • If your to-do list is taking over your life, then it might be time to consider a virtual assistant.
  • Increase productivity. Administrative tasks are a necessary aspect of running a practice. But you can’t make more money if your time is tied up in fee schedule negotiation. Delegate insurance-related tasks to your virtual assistant so you can focus on patient care.
  • Reduce operations cost. Is your practice in an “in-between” phase? Hiring another in-office employee before you’re ready can put a strain on your resources. A virtual assistant is more affordable than hiring another full-time staff member.
  • Enjoy flexible schedules. Maybe you need a virtual assistant for a few hours each week. Or perhaps you only need some extra help a few times a month. No matter what your needs, we’ll find a virtual assistant that fits your practice.
  • Know your data is safe. Our virtual assistants are experienced and knowledgeable in HIPAA guidelines and regulations. Rest assured that your sensitive information is in safe hands.

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