Is Your Practice Working For You Or Against You?


Dental Practice Enhancement has helped dental offices across the nation recover uncollected insurance money, along with, working tirelessly to train dental teams on how to be more efficient in processing insurance claims as well as other administrative tasks.

Mission Statement

Dental Practice Enhancement is passionate about helping dental practices drive dramatic improvements in operational and financial performance through better and more efficient administrative practices.


Extensive screening. Rigorous training. Passion for dentistry. Hunger to see our clients succeed. This is how we’ve built the greatest dental practice management company ever.

Our Team

The Best Virtual Assistants and Trainers The Industry Offers

All of our Virtual Assistants and Trainers have years of experience in the dental industry and will go above and beyond to make sure your practice succeeds.

Unmatched Expertise

Founder Tina Brown has over 30 years of experience in the dental practice management industry. No one has a deeper understanding of the dynamics affecting your dentistry or a more effective system for diagnosing and attacking its systematic problems than Dental Practice Enhancement.

Proven Success

Dentists who are serious about recovering uncollected dollars and becoming a more efficient and productive practice work with DPE. No other dental practice management company has a successful track record that comes close.

Virtual Assisting In Detail

Dental Practice Enhancement offers a virtual assisting service that provides highly trained and experienced administrative professionals with unique and proficient abilities to handle tedious administrative tasks from a remote location outside of the dental office.

B E N E F I T S:
No employee-related taxes, insurance, or other benefits costs. We are able to work more efficiently as we do not have the interruptions of the dental office. Because we work from remote locations your practice benefits from low cost high value access to experienced dental administrative professionals.
Our V I S I O N for our clients:
Profitability. The benefits of DPE’s exclusively designed virtual assisting services ultimately contribute to the practice’s bottom line. Our service allots opportunity for your administrative team to focus on more profitable administrative tasks like creating patient relationships, educating patients and scheduling more treatment.

Administrative And Clinical Training In Detail

Dental Practice Enhancement is passionate about helping dental practices drive dramatic improvements in operational and financial performance through better and more efficient front office practices. The DPE Coaching service involves three crucial phases: Examination, Diagnosis and treatment, and Implementation. Our unique approach to coaching places an in-depth focus on people – behaviors and culture – first and processes second.

B E N E F I T S:
  1. Morale of the organization is uplifted. Employees are empowered to work harder due to their confidence level in being able to do their jobs more effectively.
  2. We facilitate the change
  3. We ask the right questions – we ask the “how’s” which turn into the “why’s” to the “what’s”
  4. We have a comprehensive understanding of the dental practice’s front-end team and practices because we have decades of industry experience
  5. Vantage point…we can see from the outside looking in
  6. We engage at all levels of the practice
  7. We are passionate about your practice’s potential
  8. We believe in remedial coaching
Our V I S I O N for our clients:
We understand that as a practitioner of dentistry your passion is treating your patients and not in the day-to-day administrative tasks. Taking advantage of DPE’s coaching service will allow you to do just that! We have decades of hands on experience in the administrative end of dental practices. Our experience provides for us to effectively identify opportunities that have caused chronic habits in the work process of a practice that ultimately decay the overall work flow and prosperity of practices all over the country. Not only can we identify your practice’s weak areas but we can also identify its strengths and how the practice can benefit from them. Our passion is your administrative area and its success; with your commitment we’ll provide the tools needed to put your mind at ease knowing that the front office is captaining the stability of your practice for many years to come.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say...

Ida Sweetwater –Trinh

Business Manager, My Sweet Smile Dentistry, Fontana, California

I can’t even tell you how honored and blessed we are to have Dental Practice Enhancement partnering with us. We’re super thankful for having DPE on board with us and we’re looking forward to all of our future successes with them.

Samantha F.

Office Coordinator

So grateful to have been referred to Dental Practice Enhancement!  Tina is AMAZING and has taken so much off my plate! I run a very busy, high end dental practice and I felt like I was constantly playing catch up! After hiring Tina to help with office tasks I was freed up to do more hands on patient interaction and marketing our practice instead of being bogged down by paperwork.  Thank you so much Tina!

Dr. Bunmi Adekugbe, DMD, MPH

Apex Dental, La Porte, Indiana

Tina was a virtual assistant in our office for about 3 years and she was simply phenomenal. All of our staff loved working with her and her eye for detail was great. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a virtual assistant in your office as she will be an invaluable asset to you at any stage of practice you may be.


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