About Us

Tina Brown, CEO and Founder

With over three decades of experience in dental practice management, Tina is well-equipped to observe, diagnose, and treat systematic problems that can put a strain on your dental team. She has shared her wisdom with the rest of the team at Dental Practice Enhancement, making us an unstoppable force for your business.

Our Promise to You

We hire only the most experienced, most qualified dental professionals and place every employee under a rigorous training regimen. Our entire team has an insatiable passion for seeing our clients succeed. We’ve seen the dental industry evolve over the years, and we understand how to gracefully navigate these changes while staying true to your vision. You steer the ship; we’ll make sure you sail on smooth waters.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Some clients are looking to overhaul their policies and systems. Others may just be overwhelmed with the volume of administrative tasks. We can help you identify those headaches and design a plan to eliminate them. Simply let us know about your concerns, and we’ll work together for a solution that fits your needs.

Contact Our Team Today

Are you looking for ways to boost your dental practice? Dental Practice Enhancement can show you how to work smarter, not harder. Whether you need a virtual assistant or hands-on training for your entire dental team, we can help. Drop us a line anytime online or call us at (833) DPE – FOR – U.

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