Practice & Team Empowerment

Practice & Team Empowerment

Practice & Team Empowerment

We work tirelessly to train dental teams on how to be more efficient in processing insurance claims as well as other administrative tasks.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer practice and team empowerment through training. Our services can help your team reconnect with each other and re-engage with their professional duties.

1. Team empowerment can maximize your time.

There’s a reason that office meetings are a running joke in sitcoms and stand-up routines. Far too often they are a waste of time for everyone involved. But they don’t have to be! Run correctly, meetings can be a great time to disseminate vital information, assign responsibilities, check up on the status of current projects, and come together as an office family. Dental team empowerment sessions can teach you to run meetings more efficiently so that everyone accomplishes more in a shorter time.

2. Team empowerment can enhance communication with patients.

It’s obvious that dental team empowerment can improve communication within the office, but consider the effect that it can have on external communication, as well. Working as a team means that patient concerns aren’t seen as a “front office problem” or “something for the clinical staff to deal with.” Rather, everyone is informed about patient needs and can more readily answer questions. In turn, this can improve patient satisfaction and treatment compliance. 

3. Team empowerment keeps employees motivated.

According to a 2017 Gallup poll, when employees are engaged, they are 17% more productive, are absent 41% less time, and have a 10% higher customer satisfaction rate. Team empowerment greatly improves engagement because it gives staff a better sense of their duties and the tools they can use to complete these duties. Plus, when employees feel supported by their employers and fellow team members, they feel more confident and motivated.

4. Dental team empowerment increases profitability.

Employee engagement has a direct correlation with business profitability. Of course, the higher customer satisfaction rate can greatly improve financial gains since you are more likely to retain patients and even bring in new business based on their referrals. Further, engaged teams result in 21% greater profitability and 59% reduced turnover, according to recent Gallup polls.

5. Team empowerment attracts quality employees.

With the reduced turnover rate, you’ll spend less time looking for new hires. When you do, however, a motivated, tight-knit team is going to bring in better job candidates. Happy, fulfilled employees will spread the word, bringing in the top-quality candidates you really want to see in an interview.

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