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Dental Practice Enhancement offers a range of customized services designed to alleviate administrative burdens and streamline your practice. No matter what your unique needs, our team can help free up more time for you to see patients.

Virtual Administration Services:

Here are just a few of the areas we cover with our virtual administration services:


Clean Claims Billing

Submit insurance clean claims daily

Review All Denied And Rejected Claims

Appeal denied or rejected claims.

Insurance Payment Posting With Necessary Adjustments

Post all insurance payments daily via EFT or scanning.

Insurance and Benefits Verification

Inquire on all patients’ insurance eligibility and do complete breakdowns.


Create daily statements after posting with notations as well as generating monthly statements.

Account Receivables

Call on accounts that have overdue balances.

Virtual Assisting In Detail

Dental Practice Enhancement’s virtual assisting service uses only highly trained and experienced administrative professionals. All of our team members have unique and proficient abilities to handle tedious administrative tasks from a remote location outside of the dental office.

Benefits of Virtual Assisting

Why choose us? First of all, there are no employee-related taxes, insurance, or other benefits costs. We are able to work more efficiently as we do not have the interruptions of the dental office. Because we work from remote locations, your practice benefits from low cost, high value access to experienced dental administrative professionals.

Administrative And Clinical Training:

Thinking of retraining your existing team? Here are just some of the administrative and clinical training options we offer:


Team Building

Evaluation of current team, their roles, and involvement. Evaluation of current recruitment practices. Analyze current communication practices with patients and intra-office administration.

Billing Collection Training

We focus in depth on the ins and outs of getting paid for dental services from patients and insurance agencies.

Technology Integration

Analysis of current systems and how they work together for an effective day-to-day process flow. If need be, we will provide thorough recommendations in order to seal the efficiency of the front office.


Office efficiency, productivity, and tracking systems.

Operations (business management systems and protocols

We can work with you to create business management systems and protocols for your dental practice.

Administrative And Clinical Training In Detail

Dental Practice Enhancement is passionate about helping dental practices drive dramatic improvements in operational and financial performance through better and more efficient front office practices. The DPE Coaching service involves three crucial phases: Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment, and Implementation. Our unique approach to coaching places an in-depth focus on people (behaviors and culture) first and processes second.

Benefits of Administrative and Clinical Training

How does it work? Here are just a few advantages our clients enjoy when choosing Dental Practice Enhancement:

  • The morale of the organization is uplifted. Employees are empowered to work harder due to their confidence level in being able to do their jobs more effectively.
  • We facilitate the change.
  • We ask the right questions. We ask the “hows”, which turn into the “whys” and the “whats”.
  • Decades of industry experience equip us with a comprehensive understanding of a dental practice’s front-end team and practices.
  • We have a unique vantage point because we can see from the outside looking in.
  • We engage at all levels of the practice.
  • We are passionate about your practice’s potential.
  • We believe in remedial coaching.

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