We work tirelessly to train dental teams on how to be more efficient in processing insurance claims as well as other administrative tasks.

Are insurance tasks keeping your team members from completing other important daily tasks? Our dental virtual administrators can take over your time-consuming insurance tasks and free up your team to focus on patients and other important office duties. 

Our dental insurance billing service includes:

Insurance Claim Submission With Attachments

Before submitting a claim, our virtual administrators diligently review all claim details to ensure continuity with clinical notes and ledger, verify that all patient information is accurate and complete, and attach any necessary diagnostic records and documentation.

Insurance Aging

We aggressively work the 90+ days to ensure claim filing deadlines are met and past-due claims are paid quickly, working our way to $0. For 60-90 days, we work our way to $0, then we maintain this for 60+ days by continuously following up on claims.

Verification of Eligibility

To verify every patient’s insurance coverage eligibility, our virtual administrators: 

  • Make sure the patient’s ID number and insurance information are correct in the system
  • Check to ensure coverage tables are accurately making corrections as needed
  • Inputs all information for new plans and new patients
  • Completes a breakdown form
  • Inputs insurance data and coverage into the patient’s insurance file
  • Scans completed breakdown form into the patient’s account and send it back to the dental office

Posting Insurance Payments

When posting insurance payments, we: 

  • Post the payment ensuring accuracy and continuity with the EOB
  • Write off adjustments when necessary
  • Scan the EOB into the patient document center
  • Create a corrected claim when necessary
  • Send or batch statement notes with a reason for the balance on the statement when necessary

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