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“Are there downsides to dental billing outsourcing?” And Other FAQs

Dental billing outsourcing can be a major step towards improving your practice’s efficiency and productivity. But if you’ve never used remote billing and insurance services, you likely have a number of questions. How much will this cost? How will remote administrators fit in with the rest of your team? And are there any downsides to outsourcing your billing?

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we are here to serve you in whatever capacity you need. Our dental billing outsourcing can save you significant time and money, and we will tailor our services to your specific requirements. We will also help you ease the transition for the rest of your team. We can provide financial and administrative training, as well.

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What does a dental billing outsourcing company handle? 

Our experts will take care of all aspects of billing and insurance. Our services include: 

  • Verification of benefits
  • Claims submissions 
  • Posting payments with adjustments
  • Issuing statements
  • Making collections calls
  • Working your insurance aging report

Are there downsides to dental billing outsourcing? 

As with any change to your business, there will be some challenges. But they are challenges that are easy to overcome with time. First, this may be a difficult transition for your in-house team, especially if they feel resentful or worried about working with “an outsider.” 

Second, dental billing outsourcing requires a commitment to good communication. You can’t just pop into someone’s office to ask a quick question. Fortunately, when you work with us, you will be assigned a specific administrator who will become intimately familiar with your unique financial situation. You will communicate directly with this person, rather than being routed to a call center each time you call in.

How do I make the transition easier for my team?

There are a number of solutions to overcome the first challenge of outsourcing:

  • Make sure roles are clearly defined
  • Ensure that your in-house employees know that they are valued and that they are not in danger of being “replaced.”
  • Create opportunities for your in-person staff to get to know your remote biller.
  • Consider our training opportunities to bridge the gap between your in-house and remote workers. 

Will outsourcing cost or save me money?

Outsourcing your billing will almost certainly save you money. First, you don’t have to hire a full time employee. You can work with our administrators for the exact amount of time that you need. Second, you don’t have to worry about covering vacation and sick leave. And finally, you won’t have to pay for training. Our billing experts are fully trained and familiar with a wide variety of digital platforms, including Eaglesoft, Dentrix, and Opendental

How long do I have to commit to outsourcing my billing?

It’s entirely up to you! Whether you want a short term solution or a permanent one, we are ready to meet the needs of your practice. 

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