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Office Design Is Essential for Successful Dental Practice Management

Whether you are opening a new dental office or looking to improve your current practice, office design is a vital consideration. Though it’s probably not something you discussed in dental school, even in relation to dental practice management, office design can affect efficiency, dental practice growth, and even patient safety

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The Power of a First Impression

Thanks to social media, people are accustomed to making rapid fire judgments based on thirty second videos and disappearing “stories.” So when someone walks into your office, they are making an immediate judgment, even before they get to the treatment room to experience your chairside manner and clinical expertise.

In fact, survey results show that 74.4% of patients consider the first impression of a dental office to be “very important.” Furthermore, even though we spend large chunks of time on the Internet, a whopping 86.9% of respondents say that their first impression of a dentist’s office is in person, rather than online.

Determining Size and Layout

If you’re building from scratch, you have the luxury of determining how big your new office should be (within budget, of course.) Necessarily, if you’ve purchased an existing practice or facility, you can’t do much about your square footage. But a few changes to the layout could make a huge difference to daily workflow and efficiency

Think about the procedures you perform the most, the equipment most used, and the spaces most frequented. Ensure that you have sufficient room so that none of these areas feel crowded for you or your patients. 

While you want to maximize your space, avoid packing things in and even leave a few open areas. An overcrowded office is likely to make patients feel anxious and unsettled. 

Considering Your Color Scheme

Your color scheme will reflect your own personality and your office philosophy. But it’s important to think about the psychological effects of color, too. In general, choose neutral, soothing tones to help patients feel relaxed. Carefully choose pops of color to add interest without being overwhelming. For instance, calming blues or cheery yellows can be effective in limited amounts.

Thinking about Health and Sanitation

Without doubt, infection control is the most important consideration when it comes to office design. 

Closed operatories make it easier to contain contaminated air. And while open operatories may have an airy, casual feel, many patients prefer the privacy of a closed operatory with a door. 

Furthermore, consider a two-room system for sterilization. Long an accepted practice in hospitals, the system has similar benefits for dental offices – better air purification and less cross-contamination when team members come in to retrieve cleaned instruments. 

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