The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Your Dental Practice

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Is your front office team spread thin because of everyday tasks? Are your patients getting neglected as a result? The key to creating a productive, patient-friendly environment could be as simple as hiring a virtual assistant for your dental practice.

Virtual assistants work remotely, away from the hubbub of the office so they can focus on the task(s) at hand. When you hire a virtual assistant through a reputable dental billing company, you have access to a specialist in:

  • Clean claims billing
  • Denied and rejected claims
  • Insurance payment posing with necessary adjustments
  • Insurance/benefits verification
  • Statements
  • Account receivables
  • Insurance fee schedule updates
  • Insurance credentialing
  • Recall/re-care follow up
  • Treatment plan follow up

Continue reading to learn more about how a virtual assistant can help your dental practice!

1. Fewer staffing headaches

The hiring process can be stressful and having too many working can make the office feel crowded and busy. However, not enough workers can lead to paying overtime and not getting everything done. When you hire a virtual assistant, you relieve yourself from the responsibility of finding a suitable candidate, paying overtime, unfinished business, and training.

Virtual assistants who work for a reputable company have been expertly trained to get their job done in an efficient manner. They work outside of the office in a productive and quiet environment, away from the distraction of office tasks and patient care.

2. Better service

Need a virtual assistant to handle your insurance claims? You can find one who is an expert in that field! Experience and adequate training are key. This makes them less likely to make small mistakes that can drastically slow down the claims process.

Additionally, all patient questions about their insurance claims can be directed to this assistant. This way, you can trust their expert guidance and patients don’t have to wait for answers.

3. Save money

Training, overtime, benefits, vacation, and holiday pay all cost money—money that you might not have in the budget. Not to mention the additional equipment required when you hire a new team member and payroll taxes.

If the funds aren’t available to hire a new team member, you may be teetering between the idea of trying to make it work with what you have or cutting off funds to another important area of your practice.

Virtual assistants offer a unique alternative because all you pay for is the hours he or she works. That’s it! The cost is significantly lower while still offering all the benefits your practice needs. Typically, dentists purchase a certain number of hours from the assistant or dental billing company. These can be raised or lowered each month depending on the fluctuation of business.

Virtual Assistants at Dental Practice Enhancement

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we train our virtual assistants to be the best in the business. We specialize in recovering uncollected dollars and providing efficient and productive services.

Our goal is to make your dental practice more profitable through our virtual assistant services. Our team works hard so your team can focus on what really counts—the patients.

In addition to offering virtual assistants, we also offer clinical training for your dental team members. We help strengthen dental practice’s weak areas and expound on their areas of strength.

To learn more about how we can help you succeed, call (833) 373-3678 ext. 1 today.

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