3 Tips for Finding the Best Dental Billing Company

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In-house billing becomes an issue within a dental practice when team members experience any of the following issues:

  • A lack of time
  • A lack of motivation
  • A lack of expertise in insurance billing, coding, and claims processing
  • Phone and patient interruptions

Each of these can lead to common clerical errors in patient data that just compounds the problem.

To avoid these issues, many dentists look for a dental billing company. Outsourcing these tasks is one of the most efficient and productive ways to handle every aspect of insurance and patient invoicing. When a dentist hires a dental billing company, he or she enables their dental team members to give their attention to patients and other important responsibilities.

Here are four qualities to look for when searching for a dental billing company:

1.  Experience

Dentists shouldn’t simply trust their practice to a name; they should put their trust in a dental billing company’s reputation. Experience helps build that reputation. To determine whether the company is dependable or not, ask yourself these questions:

  • How long has this company been in business?
  • What are other dentists saying about this dental billing company?
  • How successful is this company?

The answers to these questions will help you determine which dental billing company will benefit your practice the most.

Dental Practice Enhancement’s founder, Tina Brown, has over 30 years of experience in the dental practice management industry. With her deep understanding of the dental profession, she has built an efficient system for assisting dentists with managing their returns. Our continued growth, success, and client satisfaction speaks for itself!

2. Honest reviews

Many dental billing companies fluff their online reviews with paid “clients” in order to draw more in. This is a sneaky tactic that too many dentists are unaware of. It can lead to a disappointing experience with the dental billing company and keep them from outsourcing again!

To avoid being deceived, be sure you’re reading reviews from real dental professionals and ask the company for references if you’re still unsure.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we value honesty and integrity at every level and will be happy to share our experiences with other dental professionals with you!

In fact, here’s a review from one of our (real-life) satisfied clients:

“So grateful to have been referred to Dental Practice Enhancement! Tina is AMAZING and has taken so much off my plate! I run a very busy, high end dental practice and I felt like I was constantly playing catch up! After hiring Tina to help with office tasks I was freed up to do more hands on patient interaction and marketing our practice instead of being bogged down by paperwork.  Thank you so much Tina!” – Samantha F.

3. Fair pricing

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a dental billing company is that it’s more cost-effective, or at least, it should be. A dental practice management company should help maximize your dental practice’s revenue and reduce payment delays.

If the pricing seems unfair, ask for a list of services and benefits that are included in the pricing. You may be getting more than you realize! The dental billing company may also have several packages for you to choose from.

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