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“Who handles the cash?” and Other FAQs Answered by Dental Billing Experts

Of all the challenges that a dentist can face, billing and insurance is one of the most complex. Problems can include reduced or fluctuating collections, an overworked front office team, communication delays, and disgruntled patients, among others. Fortunately, working with dental billing experts can make your practice more efficient and profitable

At Dental Practice Enhancement, our team is specifically trained in dental office management. When you work with one of our billing experts, you will be collaborating with someone who is extremely reliable, knowledgeable, and organized. Best of all, we are ready to meet your unique needs, providing the exact services you require. 

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When I work with remote dental billing experts, who handles the cash?

All cash and checks will go through your onsite office team. We handle paperwork and communication – never money!

Is there a long-term commitment when I outsource my dental billing?

No. One of the advantages of working with remote assistants is that there is no extended contract. If your practice is in a time of transition, you can hire one of our experts until things stabilize. If you want to give remote billing a trial run, we are happy to do that, too. We are here to serve you, whenever and however you need it! 

What are the advantages of working with remote billing experts?

There are many reasons to consider outsourcing your billing.

  • Your front-office team is less stressed and more productive
  • Your administrative staff can focus on patient communication, making for happier and more satisfied clientele. 
  • You do not have to worry about billing and coding errors
  • You know that bills will be submitted and paid in a timely fashion, thus improving your cash flow. 
  • Remote billing can decrease overhead for your practice. 

Do I have to change my office software if I work with a remote assistant?

No. Our team is familiar with many different digital management platforms. These include: 

Our goal is to make things easier for you, not to complicate everything by making you switch over your entire practice management system!

What dental billing services do you perform?

We handle every step of the dental billing and coding process!

  • Submitting insurance claims
  • Posting daily insurance payments
  • Reviewing denied claims
  • Verifying insurance benefits and eligibility 
  • Creating daily and monthly statements
  • Calling patients to follow up on overdue bills

What else can Dental Practice Enhancement do, besides assist with billing?

We are happy to work solely as dental billing experts. However, if your practice needs further assistance, we offer many other services. These include:

  • Training your team in bill collection 
  • Analyzing the use of technology in your office and offering suggestions for improvement, as necessary
  • Evaluating your team’s partnership and each person’s role
  • Analyzing how you find and recruit new team members
  • Helping you create a business management system that fits the unique needs of your practice 

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