5 Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Billing and Collections

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Billing and collections can be two of the biggest headaches of owning a dental practice. When you and your dental team are bogged down by billing statements, dealing with past-due payments, and creating new ways to get patients to pay on time, there is less time and capacity for patient care.

Ultimately, patients are what matter, but you can’t run a dental practice without profit and efficiency. That’s why a virtual dental billing company is beneficial. We focus on billing and collections so you don’t have to! Virtual administrators have the ability to focus on the task at hand without the distractions of a busy dental practice.

Continue reading to learn more about how a virtual administrator can improve your dental billing and collection process.

1. Continuous cash flow

Office distractions, sick days, and vacations can all impede the claims process. Typically, only one person in the office is trained, or skilled enough, to complete these tasks. Unfortunately, if something comes up and they can’t make it to work, more and more work piles up. This doesn’t just make their job more difficult and overwhelming when they return, it puts stress on you, and affects the patient experience.

Virtual administrators can work from anywhere. Mainly, their work environments are free from the typical dentist office distractions, so the claims go out and cash comes in much quicker.

2. Minimal errors

Along with a distraction-free environment, virtual administrators have the expert training and experience to complete these clerical tasks with minimal errors. While an in-office assistant may be great at her job, the distractions, lack of time, and possibly a lack of experience or training can make the process much slower and more difficult, leading to mistakes.

Clerical errors result in wasted time, wasted money, and frustrated patients.

3. Increased revenue

Hiring a virtual assistant for dental billing and collections significantly increases profits for dentists. Rather than paying a monthly salary and benefits and buying software and company equipment, dentists only pay a monthly flat rate to various services. Typically, this rate is cheaper than it costs to hire an in-house assistant. 

4. Less stress

Another major benefit of outsourcing dental billing and collections is less stress and responsibility for you. As the practice owner, you’ll no longer worry about the following problems:

  • Keeping up with the changes in Medicaid, Medicare, and third-party payers
  • Updating software and equipment
  • Training new employees
  • Dealing with unhappy patients because of billing and claims errors

Experienced dental administrators like ours ensure that the job is done in an efficient and precise manner so you can feel confident we’re doing the job right.

5. Better experience for patients

Working outside of the dentist’s office provides virtual administrators with a quiet, focused environment where work can be completed properly. In a distraction-free zone, dental billing and collecting can be an error-free task. This way, your patients receive their bills and funds in a timely manner.

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