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Dental Billing Experts Answer Your FAQs

Does the financial side of your practice leave you scratching your head? Are you constantly faced with billing dilemmas and feel that you have nowhere to turn? If so, our dental billing experts can help! We confidently handle all aspects of dental billing and insurance, from insurance verification to claims submittals and corrections

Dentists frequently turn to the team at Dental Practice Enhancement for virtual administration and to outsource their billing. But for those who prefer to keep things in-house, we also offer administrative training. Whatever the needs of your practice, we are confident that our dental billing experts are up to the task

Still have billing questions after reading this post? Contact our office to speak to a member of our team. 

What happens during the dental billing process?

A dental claim begins before your patient even comes in for treatment. After an appointment is scheduled, an administrator will verify insurance coverage. Once the patient is treated, dental billing experts will assign each procedure the appropriate code, bundling them when appropriate. They then submit the claims to the insurance provider, along with all relevant attachments – proof that the treatment was appropriate and necessary.

At that point, the insurance company will hopefully pay the claim. Administrators can then post the payment in the software. However, if the claim is denied, dental billing experts will need to make an appeal and/or necessary claims corrections. For any outstanding bills, they will need to contact the patients for payment.

What are the most common reasons for claims denials?

About 8% of dental claims are denied. Most of these denials are due to administrative errors. This is why it is so important for your practice to work with true dental billing experts, like the team at Dental Practice Enhancement. 

What’s up with these EPO plans I keep hearing about?

Since 2014, the prevalence of Exclusive Provider Organizations (EPOs) has nearly quadrupled, largely thanks to the Affordable Care Act. These plans now make up 36% of all health care plans. Like a PPO plan, an EPO provides a list of in-network providers. Unlike a PPO, however, if a patient sees a dentist outside of that network, the insurance will not cover any of the costs. This means that the total cost of insurance is lower, but patients don’t have the same flexibility in choosing their doctors.

Will my practice still comply with HIPAA if we outsource our billing?

Absolutely! Virtual administrators are considered “business associates” under HIPAA guidelines. At Dental Practice Enhancement, we meticulously adhere to privacy and security protocols to ensure the confidentiality of your patients. 

Do your dental billing experts offer other services?

We offer all administrative services, including hygiene recall. Furthermore, we provide administrative training. Our comprehensive financial training includes not only billing and insurance protocols, but also establishing payment systems, writing scripts for collections calls, setting up third-party financing, and more. 

We also offer practice and team empowerment so that every member of your team is communicating effectively, feeling motivated, and making the practice financially successful. 

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