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Does a remote dental front desk really work?

With some jobs, going remote just makes sense. If you spend most of your day working solo in a cubicle, you might as well do it in the comfort of your own home. But with other jobs, it can be hard to understand how going remote can work out. How can there be a “remote dental front desk?” Isn’t a front desk…in the front of an office? Actually, using virtual assistants is not only feasible; it can be incredibly helpful!

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we can provide a remote dental front desk that’s tailored to fit the needs of your practice. With decades of experience in the dental industry, we handle all administrative tasks, including billing and insurance. Although we’re remote, thanks to our great communication skills, you’ll never feel in the dark about the administrative side of your practice. 

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Wait…Don’t I need someone at the actual front desk?

Absolutely! Your patients need to be greeted by a friendly, smiling face. And you need to have a skilled administrator on hand who can answer questions, schedule appointments, and handle the practicalities of keeping an office up and running. 

But, as any dental administrator can tell you, there are a lot of tasks that go on behind the scenes. And the endless paperwork and phone calls to insurance companies can keep your front desk staff from being fully present to your patients. 

What tasks does a remote dental front desk handle?

Our virtual administrators deal with the nitty gritty tasks of dental office management. Our services include:

  • Verifying insurance eligibility
  • Claims submittal
  • Reviewing denied claims
  • Posting payments with adjustments
  • Creating statements
  • Making collections calls for outstanding balances
  • Improving hygiene recall 
  • Making medical claims for specialized procedures

Remote work is quickly becoming mainstream, with 12.7% of the workforce being entirely remote as of June of this year. The number is only expected to rise, attesting to the efficiency and flexibility of virtual employment.

How can a remote dental front desk benefit my practice?

A remote dental front desk takes a huge burden off of your practice. Overworked administrators and office managers will have the time they need to focus on patients. Patients will, in turn, feel seen and heard, and your patient satisfaction rates could even soar. 

Further, working with remote administrators could save your practice a lot of money. Instead of hiring another full-time team member, you can arrange for someone to work part-time or even short-term. 

Most importantly, when you choose the team at Dental Practice Enhancement, you will benefit from our detailed knowledge of the dental industry. We have decades of experience with dental administration, and we understand the complexities of dental billing and coding. With us, you can feel confident that your insurance claims will be handled in a timely manner and without the mistakes that can prove so devastating to a dental practice. 

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