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The Many Benefits of Virtual Office Management

Do you have any idea how many hours per month your front office team spends on work that can be accomplished with virtual office management?

Billing, accounts receivable, insurance issues, and hygiene recall are mundane tasks that don’t have to be performed in the office. These tasks are some of the most frustrating and time-consuming front office responsibilities. Therefore, removing these tasks from your front office team will breathe fresh air into the atmosphere.

Virtual Office Management: Billing, Accounts Receivable, Insurance, and Hygiene Recall

Here’s what Dental Practice Enhancement can do for you through virtual office management:

  • Billing: A virtual administrator will process billing, create invoices, handle resubmissions, post payments and adjustments, and more.
  • Accounts Receivable: DCA will audit each patient account with a balance, ensuring line-by-line accuracy of balances. We’ll make necessary corrections to accounts and resubmit patient statements. In addition, we offer system implementation for dental practices without an A/R collections system.
  • Insurance: Through virtual office management, we can handle all of your insurance tasks, from eligibility verification and filing claims with attachments to posting payments and following up on past-due claims.
  • Hygiene Recall: For recall, virtual office management provides three options. We can provide proven scripts for your team members to use on the phone. We can train your front office team on how to improve recall protocols. Or, if you prefer, we can completely handle your recalls by phone or email, to take the burden entirely off of our front office team.

How to Use the Spare Time

When you use Dental Practice Enhancement for virtual office management, your team’s schedule will open up. How should your employees use their spare time? The possibilities are endless–and all will benefit your practice. Here are a few marketing duties your team members can perform:

  • Engage More with Patients: First and foremost, your team members can cater to patients, offering a more personalized experience. For instance, welcome patients by name, provide what patients like before they ask (blanket, pillow, water, etc.). We can also make personal follow-up calls after procedures.
  • Social Media Management: Social media can keep your name in front of patients between visits, to help with retention. In addition, your daily posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter may be shared by your patients via “word of mouse,” to attract more new patients.
  • Blogging: Blogging is a great way to educate patients and the public while improving your website’s SEO reach. 
  • Grass Roots Marketing: Has your office had time to celebrate holidays, back-to-school/summer release, and other events, like the Super Bowl and the Olympics? Hosting events in or near your office, and participating in local health fairs and vendor shows, will increase your outreach and make patients fall even more in love with you!
  • Community Speaking: Implant dentists can send team members to speak about oral health at nursing homes and senior centers. Family dentists can schedule speaking opportunities at local schools, MOPS groups (Mothers of Preschoolers), and homeschool groups. Becoming involved with the community is a great way to earn more new patients!

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