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Pros and Cons of Hiring a Dental Practice Virtual Administrator

A virtual administrator for your dental practice can perform many of the day-to-day clerical tasks that take your team away from face time with your patients. So, should you hire a virtual dental administrator? In today’s blog, we’ll review the benefits of hiring a VA, as well as some considerations that may make you think twice before going virtual with your dental office administration.

First of all, what tasks does a virtual dental office administrator perform?

  • Patient billing: daily, weekly, and monthly statements
  • Verify insurance benefits
  • Review denied and rejected dental insurance claims
  • Post insurance payments and adjustments
  • Update your fee schedule, as needed
  • Handle recall and re-care follow-ups
  • Call patients with outstanding balances (collections)
  • Medical billing for CBCT scans, sleep apnea appliances, and bone grafts

What are the benefits of hiring a virtual administrator over an employee for your dental practice?

  • No training required
  • No payroll taxes for the VA
  • No overhead (office space, computer, benefits, etc.)
  • No overtime pay
  • No PTO or leave
  • Save you and your team loads of time
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve service to patients
  • Save your practice money

What are the negative aspects of outsourcing administrative duties?

  • Managing your virtual administrator
  • Communication consistency
  • Language barriers
  • Handling urgent matters
  • Different time zones

No Cons with a DPE Virtual Administrator

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we’ve addressed every con on this list, so you can enjoy peace of mind, while also reaping the benefits of hiring a virtual administrator for your dental office.

  • Managing your virtual administrator
    With DPE, you’ll have the same VA all the time. We cross-train another VA, in case your regular VA is out (which is a rare occurrence), a trained temporary is always available to fill the gap. Furthermore, we handle the management of our VAs in-house and are always available, should you have questions about any issue.
  • Communication consistency

Your assigned virtual assistant will keep in touch with the point person in your office, whether that’s you or a team member. The VA will be available by email or phone during office hours.

  • Language barriers

DPE will only place you with a VA that speaks the language of you and your team. We have a primarily English-speaking staff, based in the United States.

  • Handling urgent matters

Should an emergency arise that cannot be handled during regular office hours, you can contact us for assistance. We are here to serve you.

  • Different time zones

Your DPE virtual assistant can work during your office hours, regardless of time zone, if you prefer.

Are you considering a virtual assistant for your practice?

Let us answer all of your questions about VAs, so you can make an informed choice. Call Dental Practice Enhancement today at 833-373-3678 ext. 1 and talk with Tina, Patti, or Heidi, or email us at We look forward to streamlining your dental office administration so that you and your team can enjoy the benefits outlined in this blog.

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