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Remote Dental Billing Companies Make Your Front Office Run Smoothly

Are you increasingly concerned about productivity in your practice? Can you not quite justify hiring another front-office employee? Is your team lacking efficiency in knowledge of dental billing and collections?

If so, it’s time you consider a virtual assistant to handle your office’s billing, re-submissions, posting of payments with adjustments, insurance verification, statements, collections, and more. Call Dental Practice Enhancement today at 833-DPE-FOR-U (833-373-3678 ext. 1) or complete the contact form on our website

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a remote dental billing company do for a dental practice?

  • Accurate, prompt claim submissions
  • Posts insurance payments to your ledger, with adjustments
  • Submits appeals and secondary claims
  • Stays in communication with your front office team/manager
  • Works through the outstanding aging balances report

What are the benefits of hiring remote dental billing companies?

  • Increases revenue
  • May reduce overhead
  • Improves operational and financial performance
  • Reduces stress in front office
  • Gives peace of mind that your billing is being done quickly and accurately
  • Billing becomes an extension of your office, rather than your office’s responsibility
  • A dedicated virtual assistant – a billing expert – assigned to your practice
  • You can utilize your virtual assistant as little or as much as you like

“Tina is AMAZING and has taken so much off my plate! I run a very busy, high-end dental practice and I felt like I was constantly playing catch up! After hiring Tina…I was freed up to do more hands-on patient interaction and marketing…instead of being bogged down by paperwork. Thank you so much, Tina!”    

Samantha, Office Coordinator

Will I increase overhead by hiring a remote dental billing company?

No! In fact, you will probably LOWER your overhead and improve front office productivity. That’s the beauty of it! Dental Practice Enhancement’s pros will handle all of your billing duties, including follow up on unpaid balances, so your front office team can tend to other business, like serving patients with a smile!

How do you consistently collect at a high rate?

Because our experts are dedicated to your dental billing full time, we are on top of collections and rarely do we need to re-file with additional documentation because we do the job right the first time. We are experts, and the result is a high rate of collections for our clients.

“DPE did an amazing job collecting our outstanding claims. They are super fast and we were able to see a huge increase in collections. Would definitely recommend hiring them.”

Michael Travis, DDS

Will I have a direct contact at Dental Practice Enhancement or will customer service calls be routed to a call center?

Every single DPE client is assigned a dedicated virtual assistant who’s a dental billing expert, and should that specific expert be unavailable, we cross-train a backup pro for every client. That backup pro will already have her finger on the pulse of your accounts.

How do the teams you work with feel about outsourced, remote dental billing services?

They love it! Here’s what some of our clients want to tell you:

“All of our staff loved working with Tina, and her eye for detail was great. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a virtual assistant in your office, as she will be an invaluable asset to you at any stage of practice…”    

Dr. Bunmi Adekugbe, DMD, MPH


“I just want to say what a help DPE has been! They were highly recommended by a friend and WOW! Seriously don’t know where our practice would be without all their help…They were patient, helpful, knowledgeable, easy to communicate with, and they love the challenge.”

Sarah, Ortiz-Edward

Do you have more questions about hiring remote dental billing companies?

Great! We’d love to give you answers. Visit our website at or call us today at 833-DPE-FOR-U (833-373-3678 ext. 1)

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