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5 Ways Dental Billing Outsourcing Can Improve Your Practice

Unfortunately, even the most skilled and compassionate dentists can struggle to maintain a successful practice. What happens in the treatment room is vital. But it represents only a fraction of what it takes to keep a thriving dental office going. Billing and insurance are huge components of dentistry, so when this aspect is out of whack, it can throw off every other element of your practice. That’s why dental billing outsourcing can take the pressure off of your team, allowing everyone in your office to thrive

Dental Practice Enhancement is a great choice when it comes to dental billing outsourcing. With decades of experience in dental administration, our team is committed to communication and personalized service. When we take care of your billing, you may find that both your team and your patients are happier. And your practice may be more financially stable than it has been in years. 

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1. Improved Accounts Receivable

As of 2016, dental offices carried an average accounts receivable of $116,744.18. This figure is alarming and, for many practices, surprising, since dentists often don’t know their AR. When patients consistently fail to pay, this indicates an administrative problem on your end. Maybe you don’t have an established payment policy. Perhaps your team doesn’t have sufficient training in bill collection. 

By outsourcing your dental billing, you can dramatically reduce your accounts receivable and make your practice much more profitable

2. Reduced Claims Rejections

Dental claims are usually rejected because of an administrative mistake. Your team may have neglected to verify coverage prior to treatment. There may have been a typo or missing information. Your biller may have forgotten an attachment or made a coding mistake. 

When you work with the experts at Dental Practice Enhancement, you will rarely, if ever, face a rejected claim. And in the unlikely event that you do, our team will work tirelessly to rectify the situation.

3. Better Team Morale

If spirits are low in your office, your team may be overworked and overstressed. Dental billing takes a tremendous amount of time and really should involve a significant amount of training. Dental billing outsourcing allows your front-of-house staff to focus on patient care and great service, which is presumably why they went into dentistry in the first place. 

4. Improved Patient Satisfaction

When patients come into your office, they want to be greeted by a friendly, smiling face. They want someone who can answer their questions and, if necessary, soothe their anxious nerves. But when your team is frazzled and pressed for time, they can’t give patients the attention they deserve. Virtual billing services enable your team to be fully present to your patients. 

5. Reduced Overhead Costs

In addition to improving revenue, dental billing outsourcing can also reduce the amount of money you spend. When you work with remote experts, you don’t have to pay for sick leave or vacation time. You don’t have to worry about covering the costs of training. And you can choose the length of time that our administrators work with your practice

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