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Dental Administration Tips: Using Social Media to Grow Your Practice

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Once the realm of eager college students, social media is now a key factor in the success of small businesses. After all, it’s a free or inexpensive outlet to showcase what you can do and what sets you apart from other businesses. To enjoy true practice growth, your dental administration needs to familiarize themselves with the different social media platforms and how best to utilize each one.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we are passionate about helping small business owners achieve their maximum potential. We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your administrative team and provide training to take your practice to the next level. Or you could outsource your dental administration to us. This will allow your in-house team to focus on patient care and outreach through social media and other outlets. 

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Why Social Media Use Is Key

Unless you live in a small town with only one or two area dentists, chances are your patients have plenty of health providers to choose from. Social media is a cost effective way to stand out from the crowd. As of September 2023, 59% of men and 76% of women were active on Facebook. And while it may seem the realm of millennials and Gen-Xers, 58% of US adults aged 65 and above were on Facebook, and 60% regularly use YouTube.

Targeted social media ads are an easy way to bring in new patients, and they cost far less than other types of marketing. Further, regularly posting on your social media channels can keep current patients engaged, reminding them to come in for their routine treatment.

The Various Platforms

Choosing your social media outlets can feel overwhelming; there are so many options! When it comes to dentistry, however, there are a few platforms that you may want to focus on.

  • Facebook is the most popular among most demographics
  • Instagram can be a great resource, especially if you do a lot of cosmetic work, since it is very visually focused.
  • TikTok posts can reach younger audiences and tend to go viral more quickly. However, with the recent legal controversy surrounding TikTok, the platform’s future remains uncertain.
  • YouTube’s popularity rivals and may even exceed that of Facebook. Be aware, however, that you will need to create long-form content for this platform.

Tips for Social Media Posts

Whichever outlets you choose, there are some guidelines that can help you maximize the potential of social media. 

  • Establish your target audience. Choose content and posting times to reach these individuals. 
  • Post regularly. 
  • Offer tips about oral hygiene and dental news. Explain some common procedures.
  • Showcase some of your top patient testimonials
  • Post photos of your work, including before and after shots. (Be sure you have the patient’s permission, of course.)
  • Highlight current promotions.
  • Share information about financing options
  • Create interactive posts, like polls or Q and A’s. 
  • Respond to comments and questions on social media, just like you would inquiries via phone or email. 

Contact Us to Improve Your Dental Administration 

Maintaining a social media presence can be a huge task for your dental administration. If they are feeling overwhelmed, consider delegating some of your administrative tasks to us.

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