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5 Benefits of Dental Management Training

Your practice is humming along, and nothing is amiss with your dental practice management. Do you really need dental management training? The reality is that, just as dentists themselves need continuing education, everyone in a dental office can benefit from CE. And while things may be going ok, dental management training can take your practice from good to great.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer administrative and clinical training specifically for dental professionals. Thanks to our nearly 30 years of experience, we know what works. Taking advantage of your current strengths, we can help you enjoy greater workplace satisfaction and even significant practice growth.

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1. Human Resources Experience

Dental practice managers often come from within. A great front office administrator suddenly finds himself promoted to manager. And while he has a wealth of clinical knowledge and great organizational skills, he may have little experience with Human Resources. 

How do you go about hiring a new employee? Or, even more complicated, letting one go? What about staff reviews? It’s a huge jump to go from receiving a review to giving one! Dental management training can provide the tools to conduct these matters with tact and understanding. 

2. A Happier, More Cohesive Team

As if a dental manager didn’t have enough on her plate with administrative tasks, she is also responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship between team members. Creating schedules, assigning duties, training, conflict resolution, and even team building are all part of her daily routine. 

Dental Practice Enhancement offers training to deal with these complex interpersonal issues. Plus, we can also provide team building to get managers started on the path to success.

3. More Satisfied Patients

Although you may have a separate patient coordinator, ultimately she answers to the practice manager. Therefore, patient relations is a key part of dental management training. Training may include scheduling, new patient intake, how to handle patient complaints, and more

4. Improved Hygiene Recall

As you know, routine exams and cleanings are the bread and butter of a dental practice. It takes a lot more effort (and money!) to bring in new patients than it does to keep current patients coming back. If your patients aren’t coming in at least twice a year for preventive care, your profitability and success will suffer. Dental management training will give you the tools to get those patients coming back every six months.

5. A More Financially Sound Practice

Management training can improve practice finances in several ways. 

  • First, increased patient satisfaction leads to increased profits. Surveys show that profits are 10% higher in practices with high patient satisfaction rates.
  • Second, satisfied patients are more likely to recommend your practice to others, saving you the time and expense of patient recruitment. 
  • And, finally, dental management training also includes strategies for improved bill collection and accounts receivable. Not only will you be bringing more patients in; you’ll also be collecting more from those you treat.

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