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5 Simple Solutions for More Efficient Dental Administration 

Dental practice management can be a monumental task, requiring organization, people skills, and great communication. If you feel that your practice is struggling in its day-to-day operations, you may need to streamline some of your dental administration policies. Investing the time, effort, and money into improving your front office can have invaluable benefits for your productivity, patient satisfaction, and overall success

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we can take a look at your current procedures to see what is working and what isn’t. We won’t start from scratch; rather, we will build on your existing strengths. You may also want to consider outsourcing some of your dental administration to our experts. 

Here are five ways to get started on the path to greater success. Contact Dental Practice Enhancement today to learn more.

1. Implement More Effective Scheduling 

Many experts recommend booking longer and more complex procedures in the morning, reserving simpler cases for the afternoon. Block out enough time for new patients so that they can get to know the dentist and do not feel rushed. And be sure to leave time for emergency appointments.

In addition, consider setting up online scheduling. 72% of Millennials and Gen Z patients would prefer to book medical appointments online. This will also save you a lot of time contacting patients for hygiene recall. 

2. Consider Going Paperless

When you don’t have to pay for reams of paper, it can save your office a lot of money over time. Patients are also happier because they are able to fill out their forms when it is most convenient for them. Your dental administration team does not have to waste valuable time filing paperwork. And it can be much easier to store and transfer digital files securely.

3. Ensure Greater Team Collaboration

If you have employees working on their own timelines or using their own methods,  profitability and efficiency will suffer. Use your morning huddle to its full potential, designating specific tasks, reviewing daily goals, and assessing what did or did not go well the day before. You can also use this time to recognize team achievements, both personal and professional.

4. Invest in Team Training

Professional training can help you build a stronger and more effective office culture. Our practice and team empowerment can teach you how to run more efficient meetings, communicate more clearly with patients, and retain satisfied, engaged employees. We also offer financial administrative training to assist with everything from setting up an in-house financing system to writing a script for collections calls.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Outsource

Finally, one simple yet highly effective way to achieve greater efficiency may simply be to outsource some of your dental administration. The virtual administrators at Dental Practice Enhancement can take care of billing and insurance, hygiene recall, and more. By eliminating these time-consuming tasks from your team’s schedule, we can increase the amount of time your administrators can spend actively assisting your patients.

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