5 Ways Your Practice Will Benefit from a Dental Practice Manager

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Running and managing a successful dental practice presents daily challenges that can end up taking priority over what really matters—caring for your patients.

That’s why so many dentists today are looking at ways to work smarter, not harder, by adding an experienced dental practice manager to the team.  

But when looking to add a dental practice manager, what should you focus on?

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we believe you should consider the smartest way to bring on decades of experience that doesn’t include all the “usual and customary” costs of a practice manager.

It is possible.

Our founder, Tina Brown, has over three decades of experience in dental practice management. And she and her experienced team can help your practice realize higher profits and increased productivity—while not costing you health insurance benefits, employee-related taxes, or paid time off.  

A Dental Practice Manager Takes the Burdens Off You

If you are a dentist, you most likely aren’t prepared to be a practice manager. Dental school teaches a lot. It prepares you for many dental situations. But while you gained a lot of knowledge in dental school, we imagine you didn’t learn much about practice management.

Yet you may still be called on to wear too many hats. On top of providing the best dentistry services, you have to think about business management, budgets, collections, payroll, hiring. The list goes on. Sometimes you may even have to work as a plumber or repair person.

If you want to reduce your workload and focus on patient care, a dental practice management consultant may be just what you are looking for to reach your goals. At Dental Practice Enhancement, we can craft a business plan for you based on your dreams, goals, and desires.

You went to dental school so you could take care of patients. Let someone else worry about the day-to-day tasks of managing your practice so you can do what you do best.

Our team brings a comprehensive understanding of the front-end side of dentistry, backed by decades of experience. We are passionate about the potential of your practice, and we know how to engage at all levels. Because we work remotely, you pay low costs to receive high-cost benefits from our services.

Our goal is your profitability. Our exclusively designed virtual assistance services improve bottom lines. We assist in the areas you need so your team can focus on the things they do best, like building patient relationships while educating and caring for them.

A Dental Practice Manager Can Improve Your Financial Performance

We will work tirelessly to recover the money you deserve. This includes uncollected insurance money and overdue accounts.

In addition, we will train your team how to improve efficiency with processing insurance claims. This includes coding and making sure you get paid for all the services you provide.

We can help your team understand the importance of checking eligibility and benefits, as well as the best way to do this.

Need to tighten your collection policy? We can help. There are ways to improve your collections, and we know them.

Ever considered your risk for an employee embezzling money from you? Most dentists would never suspect this from a team member, but it does happen. We can suggest measures that protect you.

A Dental Practice Manager Can Offer an Unbiased Opinion

We get it. Some team members are really nice and sociable. But does that mean they are acting in your best interests?

We are on the outside looking in. We see the things that are difficult for you to see. We offer input you would never have considered. We bring in a fresh set of eyes that can identify and rectify pain points in your practice.

Sometimes dentists just need an objective look at how things work, who does what, and which systems are in place.

If you need to look more closely at an employee, a current policy, or a software system, we will let you know.

A Dental Practice Manager Can Increase Morale

When you free your team from mundane tasks, you allow them to thrive in areas that matter to them. This empowers them to work harder.  

Also, we know ways to improve team building and harmony. To make sure each team member feels important and appreciated while enhancing communication. This increases confidence, which helps team members perform more effectively.

When you improve team morale, the entire practice is uplifted. And the patients notice it. This makes them happier and more satisfied with your dental services.

An Improved Practice with a Dental Practice Manager

Do you worry about remaining in compliance with HIPPA, CLIA, and OSHA? We can make sure you are compliant.

We will perform a practice evaluation, provide diagnoses, offer treatment suggestions, and evaluate the outcome, making changes and new implementations as needed. With our help, you will set achievable and actionable goals.

Our team can cover every aspect of managing your dental practice, including:

  • Clinical performance and reporting
  • Strategic planning
  • Billing and collection services
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Streamlined charting
  • Developing systems for hiring and management
  • Ensuring you comply with all regulations

Are you looking to increase profits and efficiency in your dental practice?

Look no further than Dental Practice Enhancement. We have the proven success and unmatched expertise you need.

Call (833) 373-3678 today to schedule a consultation.


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