How Online Scheduling Can Improve Your Dental Practice

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While setting up new technology and systems in your dental practice can be a hassle, the benefits are well worth it—especially when it comes to online scheduling. For whatever reason, people use text, email, and other nonverbal sources of communication now more than ever. Making a phone call may seem overwhelming and inconvenient to some. As a result, your dental practice may be suffering.

Online scheduling makes creating a dental appointment simple and quick for the patient and frees up your dental team members to complete more work in the office. To learn more about how online scheduling can improve your dental practice, check out this blog.

Increases Front Office Efficiency

If you’ve never asked your front office staff members to track how much time they spend scheduling appointments by phone, you should! Then, imagine what else they could do if they could get that time back. Online scheduling does exactly that. Though we know many patients will still call to schedule an appointment, the time should be cut nearly in half when your patients learn about online scheduling.

This way your team members can spend more time focused on important office tasks or with the customers right in front of them.

Additionally, when the online scheduling system is synced with the practice management system, the online appointments show up right when a patient schedules it. This means less data entry for your team.

Easier for Patients

Along with your team members, patients will love feeling more in control of their dental appointments. Now more than ever, people love the convenience of the internet. If they find themselves in a place where they don’t want to talk on the phone, like a waiting room, they can easily jump online and schedule their appointment instead of waiting (and probably forgetting) until later.

Patients are also more likely to choose the correct date when they aren’t under the pressure of a phone call. They have the time to think about their schedule and what days and times work best for them without the pressure of another person. This makes the experience better for them and reduces the number of cancellations and rescheduling on your end.

Makes Your Practice More Desirable

Overall, online scheduling makes a dental practice seem much more desirable. New patients will assume that other areas of the dental practice have the latest technologies as well. Consequently, dentists who don’t offer online scheduling may suffer from a lack of new patients because they assume the dental practice is outdated.

Let Us Help Grow Your Practice!

There are several other ways to grow and improve your practice in addition to online scheduling. Unfortunately, many dentists find this part of their job overwhelming. That’s why Dental Practice Enhancement exists.

We are a team of dental industry experts that know what it takes to make a practice successful. We offer virtual assistants and trainers that work with you and your team to create an environment that is beneficial to you, your team, and your patients.

Our virtual administration services and online or in-person trainings can streamline your business and increase your bottom line. No other dental practice management company can do our job better.

To learn more about how we can help your dental practice successful, call (833) 373-3678 ext. 1 today.

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