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Leadership Strategies to Improve Dental Business Management

As a dentist, you truly desire the best for your patients and for your team. But while you may take a deserved pride in the quality care you give in the treatment room, you may feel less confident about your dental business management. Perhaps your patients are dissatisfied for administrative or financial reasons. Maybe your team is unhappy or you have a high turnover rate. Whatever your concerns, learning some leadership tips can greatly enhance your dental practice management

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we specialize in dental administration and training. But we don’t simply provide generic guidance. We will analyze your practice to build on your existing strengths. Then we can provide the training you really need to enhance quality of care and to improve morale. 

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1. Create a Mission Statement 

It’s hard to lead if you don’t have an end goal for your leadership. Yes, you want to provide good dental services, but how are you going to serve your patients? What makes you different from any other practice? Create a concise, inspiring, and actionable mission statement. Frame it somewhere in the office. Make sure your team knows what you are working towards every day.

2. Ensure Good Communication Throughout the Office

Communication is key for any relationship, from your marriage to your dental business management. Mass emails and text exchanges are not true communication. Be sure to hold weekly check-in sessions. And in your one-on-one communications, be sincere and open. Give your team members your full attention without distraction.

3. Give Rewards and Incentives

Your team works hard, and they deserve recognition for a job well done. Of course, eventual promotions and raises are vital if you want to retain your employees. But you can also recognize achievements in the immediate sense. Give praise when it is due. Announce achievements at team meetings. Offer smaller rewards for a job well done, such as a gift card, a holiday bonus, or even a written note of appreciation.

4. Don’t Just Lead – Inspire!

In order to lead, you have to be someone that people want to follow. This means maintaining a positive attitude, even on difficult days. Be open about struggles but also clear on how you are going to resolve them. Encourage team input. And remind your team – and yourself – about the important work you are doing each day.

5. Prioritize Team Training

94% of employees report that they are more likely to remain with their companies longer if they are provided with training. Professional development gives a sense of competence, growth, and satisfaction. At Dental Practice Enhancement, we provide training that covers a wide range of clinical and administrative issues, including insurance and billing, hygiene recall, and more.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Part of being a leader is knowing who is best qualified to complete a given task. If you sense that your team is struggling to complete daily administrative duties, consider outsourcing your administration. Our experts offer 24/7 administrative services, completing everything from clean claims billing to collections calls. 

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