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Does Your Dental Team Have Good Morale? Ask These Questions!

As a boss, you genuinely want your dental team to be happy. So when you sense an undercurrent of displeasure among your employees, it can feel personally and professionally devastating. Or maybe you aren’t sure about how your team really feels. They are diligent and uncomplaining – but are they happy? Allow your team to give feedback in a morale survey. Based on the answers you can commit to team building to enhance satisfaction in the office.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer administrative and clinical training, specifically for dental teams. Along with financial and technological training, we also provide team building and empowerment. With our services, not only will your employees feel happier. You could enjoy greater profitability and patient satisfaction, as well. 

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Do you feel recognized for your work and achievements?

A Gallup analysis revealed that employees who don’t feel valued and recognized are twice as likely to say that they will leave their current job within the next year. Recognition should come frequently – think weekly, rather than at the yearly performance reviews

How do you reward yourself after an accomplishment or a long week at work?

In addition to providing frequent affirmations, you need to be providing personalized feedback. Learning how employees reward themselves will give you a better idea of how to show appreciation in a way that will resonate. 

Are you able to manage your responsibilities? Do you feel that duties are fairly divided in the office?

As long as everything gets done, you may assume that your team members are handling their responsibilities just fine. But maybe they are putting in extra hours that you don’t know about. Maybe they feel resentful because they perceive others in the office to be slacking off. Follow up questions could include, “How many times have you missed a family event for work?” Or “How often in the last month have you taken work home?”

Do you feel that you are learning new skills? Are you able to advance professionally? 

It’s human nature to want to grow and improve. If an employee feels “stuck,” they’re likely to move on to a new job where they have room to expand. Fortunately, if your survey reveals that employees do not feel challenged, there are many continuing education and dental team training opportunities that you can provide as a job perk. 

How likely are you to recommend working for this dental team to a colleague?

This is a big one! If you’re worried about whether your team members will be honest about this question, don’t worry – they will! Very unhappy employees will jump at the chance to tell you that they are dissatisfied. (Of course, it goes without saying that surveys should be anonymous.) But don’t stop there. Use the answers from the rest of the survey to take concrete steps to improve dental team morale.

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