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Signs You Need A Dental Practice Consultant

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Do you love being a dentist but feel overwhelmed with running your own business? A lot goes in to keeping a dental practice running—hiring, collecting payment, billing, team building, marketing, and more. Without the right support, one or more of these tasks can fall to the wayside. That’s where a dental practice consultant can be helpful.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, our job is to make yours easier so you can focus more on the things you love to do, and less on the things you have to do.

Still not sure if you really need a dental practice consultant? Here are five signs that a dental practice consultant can help your dental practice:

1. Business Is Slow

All dental practices experience a lull in business, but if your patient recall is low or you aren’t getting new patients, it could be due to several issues. A dental practice consultant offers an outsider’s perspective on areas that your practice can improve and help you create a plan to help you succeed in getting patients back in the office.

2. High Employee Turnover

When you’re having to rehire and retrain new employees, other areas of the dental office can suffer. Collections may be delayed, and patients constantly have to get to know new team members. Dental practice consultants help determine why employees are leaving and help you solve the problem.

3. Profit Is Low

In some cases, a dental practice can grow without the profit margin increasing. This is a sure sign that something in the office isn’t being done correctly. Many times, the issue is linked to the dental billing or collections process. In any circumstance, a dental practice consultant company can improve the process by which your team members send and receive collections from patients and insurance companies.

A dental practice consultant can help streamline your practice and maximize your profit.

4. An Inefficient Front Office

Do your team members feel overwhelmed? Despite this, do you feel like they aren’t getting enough done? Dental practice consultants can determine what standards and practices should be put in place to make your practice more successful.

The consultant team may suggest delegating tasks, using the latest digital technology, and automating certain tasks. Each of these improvements will relieve stress from your team members and increase the amount of work that gets done during the day.

5. Frustration and Tension at the Office

How well do you communicate with your team? How well do your team members communicate with one another? If the office is filled with frustration and tension because of a lack of communication and camaraderie, all parts of your dental practice will suffer. You’ll need to take a good look at the way you communicate with your team members and other possible sources of frustration.

Dental practice consultants can evaluate and analyze current communication practices and determine some team-building techniques to improve your office environment. You, your team members, and patients will benefit!

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Our team at Dental Practice Enhancement can help you increase productivity, collect on work you’ve already done, minimize your workload, expand your business, bring in new patients, and build a stronger, more productive team! Your success is our priority.

We are aware that many dental practices are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. While it’s not a great time for our team to create posts as if you are in office as usually, it certainly is a great time for dentists to catch up on business to-dos. We can help you complete those tasks and create new ways to improve your business once this is all over with.

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