Why should I hire a dental practice management company?

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For dentists who own their practice, it can be surprising how much actually goes into running a company. Hiring, training, insurance, accounts receivable, customer service—just one of these tasks on its own can be overwhelming. That’s why many dentists hire a dental practice management company.

The goal of a dental practice management company is to increase profits and decrease stress. Can you think of a couple of areas of your practice that keep you up at night or that you just can’t get the hang of? Pass them on to someone else!

Continue reading to learn more about how a dental practice management company can help you!

1. Achieve realistic goals

Want to take your dental practice to the next level but don’t know how? A dental practice management company can help you create a plan that gets you exactly where you want to be.

Most dental practice management companies are made up of expert virtual assistants and trainers that can help with various areas of your dental practice, such as:

  • Billing
  • Insurance
  • Account receivables
  • Statements
  • Recall/Re-care follow up
  • Treatment plan follow up
  • Team building
  • Billing collection training
  • Technology integration
  • Office efficiency and productivity
  • Business management systems and protocols

2. Create a productive and healthy work environment

If “teamwork makes the dream work” is true, what does that mean when your team isn’t working well? Well, it could be a couple of things! You may have one or two bad apples that are bringing the rest of your team members down, or there are underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Your business systems and protocols have a huge impact on productivity, attitudes, and success. Not only can a dental practice management company identify the issue, but they can resolve the problems through training.

Not sure if your dental team needs training? Check out this blog to learn five signs of a dental team that’s desperate for help.

3. Acquire new patients

When dentists struggle to acquire new patients, a dental practice management company can help identify why. Aside from marketing, dentists should consider their current patients’ experience and ask, “why are they not referring me to their family and friends?” It could be because of these issues:

  • An out-of-date office
  • Long wait times
  • Lack of comfort items for patients with dental anxiety
  • Bad customer service
  • Unclear or inconsistent pricing

All of these issues can be fixed but must first be identified. Contact a dental practice management company today!

4. Decrease account receivables

Excessive accounts receivable significantly affect your bottom line. Although in-house financing is a fantastic option for patients, it can be frustrating to deal with late payments every month. This puts even more stress on your plate and one of your team members. Ultimately, someone has to call to collect the money!

A dental practice management company can take away this headache for you by drastically decreasing your account receivables. Our experts know how to get those payments rolling in AND will help you create protocols to keep them from piling up again.

5. Increase your bottom line

Aside from addressing your account receivables, a dental practice management company can help you implement new systems and protocols to make your practice more profitable. When it becomes too much for you to handle, let us take it off your hands! You won’t be disappointed.

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