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4 Unexpected Advantages of Remote Office Management for Dentists

As the new academic year begins, many are inspired to make a fresh start, even if they don’t have school-aged kids. There is something about the hint of the coming fall and the turning of the year that encourages us to make changes to our work and home environments. If you are looking to overhaul your dental practice management this autumn, consider virtual administration. In fact, remote office management for dentists offers surprising benefits for nearly every aspect of your practice

The administrative experts at Dental Practice Enhancement have decades of experience and a proven track record of excellent service. With our attention to detail, commitment to great communication, and in-depth knowledge of insurance and coding, we are confident we will be a great fit for your practice. 

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1. Increased Productivity

A dental front office can be incredibly busy. Even the most zen-like environments often conceal a whirlwind of activity. Answering patient questions, scheduling, insurance verification, making collections calls, ordering new office products, signing for deliveries – the list goes on and on! It’s no wonder that dental office managers often become overwhelmed, and the paperwork starts to pile up.

When you use remote office management for dentists, you have someone who is solely focused on the administrative and financial needs of your practice

2. Improved Patient Satisfaction 

When you work with virtual management, not only will the administrative side of your practice improve, so will the personal contact. Instead of waiting, frustrated, while your office manager haggles with an insurance company, each patient can receive prompt and friendly service from your in-house team member.

3. Increased Profitability

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we specialize in two areas that can dramatically improve the amount of money coming into your practice. As any dentist can tell you, routine hygiene is the cornerstone of a practice. But reminder calls to patients take so much time – and aren’t always successful. We understand the importance of hygiene recall, and we are great at encouraging patients to make their biannual visits

We are also experts at managing accounts receivable, running weekly reports and calling patients to collect on overdue accounts

4. No Vacation or Sick Days

The average American employee gets 11 days of paid vacation and 8 days of paid sick leave per year. Now, we’re not saying employees shouldn’t get their hard-earned time off. But it can also leave you scrambling. How often has your office manager come back to a huge stack of paperwork and even vital financial documents that really shouldn’t slip through the cracks?

When you use our remote office management for dentists, you have a full team on your side. When one of us is out for vacation or with a nasty cold, there’s always someone there who has your back!

Learn More about the Benefits of Remote Office Management for Dentists 

This fall, we are confident that the office managers at Dental Practice Enhancement are just what you need to go “back to school” with panache!

To learn more about our services, contact us online or call us at (833) DPE – FOR – U.

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