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8 Dental Team Building Ideas to Improve Your Practice

Team building exercises can elicit eye rolls and derisive chuckles. But, done right, dental team building activities play an important role in helping to shape your office culture. The right exercises can boost morale, reduce turnover, improve communication, and enhance office efficiency.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer training for dental team building and empowerment. Our experts work exclusively with dental offices, so we know the best and most effective exercises for your unique industry. Most importantly, we keep things relevant and helpful, while still maintaining a sense of fun and excitement. 

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1. Share Celebrations and Milestones

Your office team is a family, and families know what is going on in each other’s lives. Begin your regular meetings with a celebration of important milestones: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, work anniversaries, a new puppy, whatever is important to your individual team members! 

2. Offer a Break Room Contest

Start a break room guessing game. Place a large number of small objects in a glass jar. Then have your team members try to guess the number inside the jar. The person with the closest guess wins a prize!

3. Have a Cooking Competition 

Shows like The Great British Baking Show are wildly popular. Channel Paul Hollywood in your office with a cooking competition. Announce a category, and have everyone enter a dish. Choose the winner based on a popular vote.

4. Volunteer

Get the team outside the office, engaged in meaningful work. Poll your team for their favorite charities, and choose one at which to volunteer. To avoid resentment, make the volunteer work optional, or close the office for the afternoon to clear everyone’s schedules. 

5. Align Lunch Breaks

When one call center scheduled everyone to have the same coffee break, average handling time fell by 8%. The change was unexpected, since it flies in the face of typical wisdom regarding workplace efficiency. If at all possible, try to have your team take one lunch break so that they can spend time together outside of the treatment room or front office. If you can’t do this, mix up lunch schedules so that team members are not eating with the same people every day.

6. Share Baby Photos

For a fun activity that won’t take too much of your team’s time, have everyone bring in a baby photo. Post them in a communal area, and see if your team can guess who’s who!

7. Run Efficient, Purposeful Team Meetings

Regular meetings are a key component of dental team building, but if you don’t run them properly, they can be a source of angst. Keep meetings short and to-the-point. Use the time to make essential announcements, assign tasks, and update everyone regarding ongoing projects

8. Invest in Team Empowerment and Training

Learning to run efficient meetings can be a challenge. It’s also difficult to know how to communicate effectively, keep everyone engaged, and implement efficient office policies. The ultimate dental team building activity is to make sure everyone is properly trained. 

That’s where Dental Practice Enhancement comes in! We offer training to help with team bonding, as well as individual job satisfaction. We tailor all our training to your needs, building on your existing strengths.

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