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Dental Management Tips to Ride Out the Staffing Shortage

If your office has been affected by the ongoing dental staffing shortage, you know what a toll it can take. The team members you do have are likely feeling overwhelmed and overworked. And, if the problem is really bad, your patients may also be feeling the strain. Fortunately, although it won’t solve the nationwide problem, good dental practice management can help you weather this current crisis.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer training to improve your practice management and empower your team to perform their best. Building on your strengths, our training encourages your staff to enhance communication, set professional goals, and work more effectively as a team. Our virtual administration services can also be invaluable when you are short on office staff.

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Why is there a staffing shortage?

Staffing shortages are a problem that affects nearly every industry. But dentistry and other healthcare sectors are particularly hard hit. COVID-19 took a huge toll. But even now that the pandemic has officially come to an end, workers have not returned, and the shortage continues. As of October 2022, 37.7% of practices were looking to hire assistants, 36.4% were in need of hygienists, and 26.8% were recruiting administrative staff.

To compound the problem, dental staff require specialized training. While clinical team members can earn degrees in their chosen field, dental administrators often get their training on the job. This means that finding qualified administrators can be a huge challenge.

Dental Practice Management Tip #1: Hang on to the Team You Have

Your number one priority should be to retain the staff you currently have. According to the Health Policy Institute and the American Dental Association, the top incentives for workplace retention are:

  • Work-life balance
  • An enjoyable office culture
  • The opportunity to help patients

What leads to dissatisfaction and high turnover?

  • A negative culture in the office
  • Poor pay
  • No opportunity for growth or career development
  • Poor benefits
  • Feeling stressed and overworked

Dental Practice Management Tip #2: Establish More Efficient Office Practices

There are innumerable strategies for improving efficiency, from setting up online patient portals to learning how to run a faster team meeting. Ultimately, the strategies you adopt will depend on the unique situation and strengths of your practice

The experts at Dental Practice Enhancement can evaluate your practice to look for areas where you may be underperforming. With our practice and team empowerment training, we can help you maximize your potential

Dental Practice Management Tip #3: Work with Virtual Managers and Administrators 

One of the simplest solutions for understaffing is to outsource some of your administrative services. Our remote administrators are already fully trained. You don’t have to worry about providing benefits or improving retention, and you can contract for as much or as little time as you need. Best of all, by managing a huge range of administrative tasks (including billing, insurance, and patient recall, among many others), your office staff can focus on providing the best possible care to your patients.

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