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5 Signs It’s Time for Virtual Office Assistance

Owning your own dental practice can be overwhelming. Not only do you shoulder all the responsibilities of a medical practitioner; you also face all the stress of an entrepreneur. Fortunately, contracting virtual office assistance can reduce your workload and allow you to focus on patient care.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, our virtual assistants are specifically trained in dentistry, meaning they can provide you with expert service. On the fence about virtual assistance? Here are five signs that it may be time for your practice to seek outside help.

1. You find yourself doing administrative tasks.

You went into dentistry because you are passionate about medicine and improving lives. All too often, however, dentists find themselves overwhelmed by office tasks. It’s no wonder that an alarming 38% of surveyed dentists report feeling constant or frequent anxiety

Whether your front desk is understaffed, undertrained, or overworked, if you spend nights and weekends dealing with billing or insurance, it’s time for remote assistance. 

2. You’re losing patients due to poor follow through. 

Outstanding clinical care is important – but it’s no guarantee that it will keep your patients coming back. Often dentists refer to their patients as “family,” and it’s important to treat them that way! Calling to thank them for their patronage and to check on them after a major procedure are keys to a thriving practice

If you’re losing patients because they feel undervalued, it may be time for virtual assistance. Remote administrators can take on paperwork and insurance-related tasks, freeing you and your team for these more personal communications

3. You can’t afford another full time team member.

Maybe you’re a small practice. Or perhaps you only need a few extra hours’ work each week. Either way, remote assistance may be the solution. Not only does it cost less than a salaried assistant; you can also hire someone for as much – or as little – time as you need. 

4. You’re not sure what direction your practice is headed. 

We get it – we live in uncertain times! With the biggest consumer price index jump since 1981, inflation rates are soaring with no end in sight. Maybe you want to expand your practice, but you are waiting to see what direction the economy takes. Or perhaps you are in a transitional phase with a newly opened or expanded practice. 

When you work with a virtual assistance service, you don’t have to commit to a full time salary. If your practice takes off the way you hope, you can reassess your needs then. At that time, you may choose to add to your in-house team or you might simply want to increase your amount of virtual services.  

5. You struggle with collections.

If you are overwhelmed by your accounts receivable, this is a clear sign that it’s time for some administrative help. When your office staff is busy chasing down late payments, other aspects of your practice are going to suffer. Virtual assistance frees up your team to focus on the day-to-day tasks of running a dental office and ensures greater financial stability for your practice. 

Work with an Expert Assistant at Dental Practice Enhancement 

Is it time for some virtual office assistance? Contact Dental Practice Enhancement online to learn more about our services or give us a call at (833) DPE-4-U. 

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