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Dental Office Scripts: What to Say and When to Say It

Are you having trouble getting new patients? Or maybe it’s a struggle to get existing patients to commit to their upcoming appointments. Dental office scripts with a virtual administrator can help you improve communication between your patients and your team. As a result, phone scripts may be an easy way to increase your patient pool while maintaining your current patient load.


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Meanwhile, let’s explore dental office scripts for success. In this post, we tell you what to say and when to say it for maximum efficiency and patient retention.

Dental Office Scripts for New Patients

Gaining new patients can be tricky, but having a well-planned strategy can help you successfully navigate new-patient interactions. So, what is the best way to strategize new-patient interactions? Have a response for every answer.


For example, a prospective patient recently inquired about which dental insurance companies your office accepts. Your team should be able to list every accepted carrier, as well as other financing options (like cash pay or third-party financiers). This gives patients more recourse, which allows them to feel more comfortable pursuing services at your facility. 


Not only that, but it leaves the door open for continued communication. And continued communication is key. Here are some ways to keep communication fluid and open in your office:

  • Ask prospective patients what time is best to reach them during the day
  • Ask new patients what their preferred method of communication is (i.e. calls, texts, emails)
  • If patients are busy during a call, ask them when they would prefer a call back (and commit to calling them back at their requested time)
  • When possible, give patients the freedom to choose appointment dates and times that work for them
  • Keep track of new-patient inquiries, and conduct open-ended, follow-up calls (e.g. “Hello, Ms. Doe. This is Kathy from Upstate Dental. Our records show that you were interested in a dental cleaning about a month ago. Are you ready to schedule that cleaning now, or would you prefer that I call you back at another time?”)


Dental Office Scripts for Existing Patients

Many dental professionals assume that existing patients will maintain their loyalty and reach out for yearly exams and cleanings. However, research concludes that when medical and dental professionals reach out to patients first, the rate of missed appointments drops by nearly seven percentage points.


So, what’s the best way to retain your current patient pool? Call patients regularly to remind them of their upcoming appointments. Here are a few ways you can prioritize appointment reminders:

  • Collect comprehensive contact information (i.e. cell phone number, home phone number and email)
  • Ask patients which communication method is best for them, and respect it
  • Leave room for adjustments (e.g. “Hello, Ms. Doe. This is Kathy from Upstate Dental. Our records show that you have an appointment on 12 December at 3:00 pm. Do that date and time still work for you, or do you need to reschedule?”)
  • If patients need to reschedule, but they can’t do it at the time of the call, then ask them when a good time to contact them again might be (always keep communication open-ended)
  • Gently maintain regular contact until the patient finds a date and time that works for them

Professional Dental Office Scripts with Dental Practice Enhancement

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