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How a Virtual Administrator Can Improve Efficiency

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When you first open your dental practice, it seems like the possibilities are limitless with what you can achieve. However, reality can soon set in and have you realize that your office isn’t living up to its potential. If you find yourself in this scenario, it might be a good time to start looking at your efficiency and what’s holding you back.

Once you discover the reasons why your office isn’t running as seamlessly as it should, it might be time to consider some outside help from Dental Practice Enhancement. One of the services we offer is the virtual administrator who can keep your practice running afloat remotely. What can a virtual administrator do for your practice?

Process Insurance Claims

Processing insurance claims timely is an integral part of your practice being profitable and is one of the most important tasks for your staff to handle. That’s why it’s no coincidence that one of the biggest obstacles that many practices face is processing claims. Too many unprocessed claims definitely hurt efficiency, especially when you have to pull staff members from other duties to help out.

With virtual administrators, they are already experienced in handling claims from the simple to the complex. Guess what? You don’t even have to spend the time to train them since they already know what to do. Our administrators can submit clean claims daily, review any rejected or denied claims and appeal on your behalf, and post insurance payments.

Verify Benefits

Let’s be truthful–your staff would probably like to do anything else rather than verify benefits. Well, with a remote administrator that’s one less thing for your on-site team members to handle. The virtual worker can contact insurance companies to verify what is and isn’t covered under a patient’s plan. They can also get a breakdown of how much a patient is responsible for versus the insurance company. When patients know how much they need to pay and your staff can explain all the details without doing the research themselves, everybody is left more satisfied. 

Following-Up With Patients

Do you have patients who are overdue on their next hygiene appointment? What about the ones who need to be reminded of their existing visit? How about patients who are late on paying their bills? In any of these scenarios, this can take up quite a bit of time. Additionally, not all staff members feel comfortable calling up patients and telling them to pay up.

When you hire a virtual administrator, they can handle all of these patient issues. Yes, that means there are less stressful things for you and your staff to deal with. Instead, the remote administrator can ensure that patients are up-to-date on appointments, remind them of dates and times, and gently remind them to remit payment. You can even have the administrator call to follow-up with patients who have had treatments in the office. That extra layer of customer care and service can make a difference in how customers feel about your practice. 

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Do you want more information on how your office can run more efficiently? Simply give Dental Practice Enhancement a call at (833) DPE – 4 – U.  Find out how you can benefit from having one of our highly-trained virtual administrators in your office. 

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