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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Remote Dental Insurance Billing Company

A remote dental insurance billing company can transform your practice. Outsourcing your billing and insurance can boost morale among your administrative team. It can improve relationships with your patients. And it can take you from barely making overhead to having a healthy accounts receivable. With all these benefits, it’s vital that you find the right virtual billing experts. 

The team at Dental Practice Enhancement boasts decades of experience and a true passion for dental administration. With more and more of the workforce going remote, we understand that you have choices when it comes to your virtual billing needs. But we firmly believe that, with our attention to detail and outstanding communication, we stand at the head of the pack. 

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1. What is your background and experience?

Dental insurance is incredibly complex, especially since CDT codes change annually. An inadvertent mistake can cause you to lose credibility with your patients, and it can even set you up for a fraud investigation. This is why it is so important to choose a remote dental insurance billing company that requires a high amount of education and experience from its employees. 

Tina Brown, our founder, and Patty Reed, our COO, have 35 and 29 years of experience in dentistry respectively. They are both Fellows of the American Academy of Dental Office Management. To achieve this distinction, Fellows must have at least three years of experience in dental office management. They must also complete 31 hours of continuing education and commit to 12 hours of additional education each year.

2. Where are you located?

Many remote positions are held by workers in other countries. But this can cause major problems in the healthcare sector. If you are working with a remote dental insurance billing company, you need to be able to reach them quickly. It’s also essential that there are no language barriers and that your remote billing team is familiar with the minute details of American insurance and healthcare laws.

3. How will you communicate with our office?

You are a busy professional in your own right. You don’t have time to waste on automated responses, form emails, and long hold times on the phone. Make sure that you choose a dental billing insurance company that offers frequent, timely, and individualized communication

4. How many hours will you put in for my practice?

One of the advantages of working with remote administrators is that you are not tied down to hiring a full-time employee. This gives you greater flexibility, allowing you to contract for as much or as little time as you wish. At Dental Practice Enhancement, we tailor our services – including the time we devote to your needs – specifically to your practice

5. Do you offer any other services?

Many remote billing companies solely offer insurance assistance. But when you choose Dental Practice Enhancement, you will benefit from our other areas of service. We can provide administrative training for your in-house staff, including both financial training and team empowerment. With our full range of services, you can feel confident about improving every area of your practice. 

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