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5 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Dental Practice Service 

It’s hard to believe that 2024 is almost upon us! But, ready or not, it’s the time to make your New Year’s resolutions. If you are a practice owner, you are likely looking to improve your dental practice service in the coming year. Fortunately, taking a few concrete steps will not only enhance your patients’ experience. It could also help you achieve dental practice growth in 2024

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we specialize in helping practices achieve their full potential. We understand that administration is often what makes or breaks a dental practice. That’s why we are passionate about improving dental administration, both through training and through remote dental practice management

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1. Establish a Payment Policy

If one of your goals is to improve profitability in the coming year, it may be as simple as clarifying your payment policy. First, ensure that your entire team is on the same page when it comes to payments. Does everyone know your financial policies? 

Then, make sure that your patients understand the expectations. Before treatment, they should know how long they have to pay their bills and whether late fees will be charged. To further improve your dental practice service, consider offering discounts for same-day payments.  

2. Make Online Bill Pay Available 

Do you even remember the last time you received a bill in the mail? If you do, think about how inconvenient it was. In today’s digital age, online bill pay is clearly the way to go. Even better, adopt mobile payment options. In 2022, 67% of patients made payments via their mobile device, while 63% used an online portal (with more than one option as available choices). 

3. Offer Financing Options 

If you don’t already have them in place, establishing financing options should be a top goal for the coming year. You could offer in-house payment plans, or you could work with a third-party lender, such as CareCreditTM

As proof of the importance of financing, consider Catholic Health. When they began training their administration to offer payment plans, they received a whopping 102% increase in installment payments!

4. Invest in Staff Training 

Continuing education is key for every dentist, and it should be a given for dental administration, as well. The team at Dental Practice Enhancement can train your team in virtually every aspect of administration, from technology integration to payment policies

We also understand the importance of team empowerment. We know that engaged employees are happier, more motivated, and offer better services to your patients. That’s why we place a big emphasis on helping your team reconnect with each other and with their passion for great dental practice service. 

5. Outsource Your Administrative Tasks

If you want to make a big change in the coming year, consider virtual administration. When you let us handle your dental billing and insurance, your in-house team can focus on providing great patient care and improved communication. Plus, you can rest assured that our experts are intimately familiar with the details of dental insurance, making denied and rejected claims far less likely. 

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