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How to Choose a Dental Office Manager Training Program

A dental office manager can arrive at their chosen career in a variety of ways. Though some start with a degree in business, many others begin by performing other roles in the field. But what they all have in common is a passion for helping others with organized and meticulous dental practice management. Still, because many do not have years of training, it’s important for aspiring or current managers to invest in dental office manager training

Choosing a training program can be difficult. From free online classes to university coursework, the choices are seemingly endless. At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer customized training for current managers and their teams. With our years of experience in all aspects of practice management, we can help you achieve your full professional potential

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Find Someone with Experience

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted a 28% increase in health services management jobs by 2031. This means that there is more opportunity than ever for aspiring managers to pursue their dreams

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, if you are looking for management training, you obviously want to choose someone with vast experience. Our CEO, Tina Brown, has worked in dental administration for more than 35 years and is particularly knowledgeable about practice management. She and our COO, Patty Reed, are both Fellows with the American Academy of Dental Office Management

Look for Someone Who Tailors Their Training to You

Not only does everyone have their own learning style. Everyone also brings their own experience and skills to the table. That’s why choosing a cookie cutter training program is rarely the right way to go. 

We tailor our services to you. Before beginning any training, we will evaluate the way your practice already operates. Then we will build on your strengths, which will ultimately set you up for much greater success. Moreover, for the ultimate flexibility, we offer both in-person and virtual dental office manager training. 

Pick Someone Who Truly Understands Dental Billing

Even the most inexperienced managers can tell you that billing and insurance are huge components of the job. That’s why you need someone who knows dental billing inside and out

When you work with us, we don’t just cover the basics. We will actually help you set up financial policies that work with the other systems you have in place. For instance, we can help you establish and clarify payment policies, set up third-party or in-house financing, and even write scripts for collections calls. 

At the same time, we understand the importance of personal relationships in a dental office. While improving the financial operations of your practice, we also consider overall dynamics with our team empowerment programs.

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