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Dental Business Management: These Six Secrets Can Maximize Practice Efficiency

Some equate efficiency to accomplishing more objectives in less amount of time. But, doing something in less time doesn’t equate to running around like chickens or herding cats. Furthermore, you can still spend adequate time with each patient while spending less on meaningless tasks.

Efficiency is defined by the ratio of practical work to the total energy expended in a process. A crucial component of dental business management is being efficient by “finding the groove” between team members, patients, and their procedures. Thus, making the most of each dental appointment.

So, if you are struggling with your dental business management, continue reading to unlock six secrets that can help you run your dental practice smoothly.

1. Go Paperless

Generally, operating in two systems is a waste of time. Start eliminating your paper records by slowly incorporating paperless forms. Namely, new patient forms should be digital and available online, allowing patients to input their records before walking through office doors.

2. Set Yourself Up for Success

Preparing in advance is a simple time investment for your future. Research supports that feeling prepared increases confidence, so being prepared as a team sets everyone up for any opportunity (instead of scrambling).

For example, having enough tray setups for the day before the practice opens saves time. Additionally, cross-training your team allows them to shine and be more prepared in virtually any situation or if a team member is absent for the day.

3. Combine Treatments

Wouldn’t you rather have one appointment for multiple treatments or schedule several appointments for multiple treatments? Likely, your patients would instead complete treatments in one fell swoop too.

When appropriate, combine treatments. For instance, when your patient needs fillings and crowns, complete the fillings first and complete the crown prep at the designated time. If you have access to a CAD/CAM machine, this can happen during the milling and baking steps.

4. Time Your Procedures

One powerful yet simple method to discover shortcomings is by timing your procedures. When you time yourself and team members, this provides metrics to help you improve time management.

5. If Possible, Collect Fees at Time of Service

Eliminate the line at the front desk by collecting at the time of service. By way of illustration, allow your dental hygienist to quickly pay from the comfort of their chair with point-of-sale payment processors, like Square for Business.

6. Ask This Simple Question at the End of Every Appointment

Each patient has a reason for coming to your practice. But a way to build patient loyalty is to facilitate security by helping them understand that:

  • You have a care plan in place for them.
  • They have options about when to pursue dental treatment.

At the end of every appointment, a dental team member can ask, “Is there anything we can accomplish at your next appointment? This straightforward question opens the floor for the dental team and patient to collaborate. At the same time, this question poses an opportunity to put the patient’s next appointment in the books while there’s still plenty of availability.

Dental Practice Enhancement Can Help with Virtually Any Aspect of Dental Business Management

Efficiency is a mindset, and we guide your dental team in the right direction through our administrative and clinical training. Also, we can help you hire a highly qualified virtual administrator to help your team take pressure off of your in-person team and boost efficiency by handling daily administrative tasks. Learn more about what Dental Practice Enhancement offers by calling (833) DPE – FOR – U or messaging us online.

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