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Why Hiring a Dental Management Company Doesn’t Compromise Care

Outside the realm of dentistry, some don’t realize that dentists must wear many hats to keep their practices afloat. Dentists are clinicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, managers, and staffing coaches. To top it all off, some dentists often feel community pressure to serve as community figureheads. 

As you probably understand, the life of a dentist can feel overwhelming at times. But if dentistry is your calling, you should consider hiring a dental management company, like Dental Practice Enhancement. Dental management companies support dental practices by providing consulting services and consolidating tasks. By hiring outside help, you might be able to retire some of your roles, allowing you to focus on your most important duties in and out of the office.

Invest in Targeted Clinical and Administrative Training

Busy and productive aren’t synonymous. Ironically, your dental team might feel overextended and overwhelmed when overall production is weak. When your dental team members struggle to stay on track, even the best efforts won’t echo the level of effort that your team puts in day in and day out. Understandably, your team members might feel frustrated, leading to tension in the air. Consequently, this might trigger finger-pointing and the blame game. Plus, burnout among medical staff is a growing global issue

It’s easy to bite off more than you can chew. However, you can create a more peaceful work environment by prioritizing efficiency. Investing in clinical and administrative training is one way to accomplish this. Over the years, Dental Practice Enhancement has helped hundreds of nationwide dental practices streamline their processes. We achieve this by meeting your team where they are and strategically offering training to reinforce your team’s weak spots. We can help teach your team to be more productive, efficient, and knowledgeable, from technology integration to workflow optimization to patient processes. Inherently, your patients should receive better care with a practice that runs smoothly with well-trained administrative and clinical teams.

Provide Better In-Person Care By Entrusting External Help

Another way to prevent overextended dental teams is to hire outside help, like a virtual administrator. The role of a virtual administrator is to help you handle administrative tasks outside of your office. Hiring a virtual administrator enables your front office to take care of in-person patients and might even shorten the long line at your front desk.

Pay Close Attention to Clinical Efficiency

As the adage goes, “work smart, not hard.” If all your staff does the same jobs in the same ways, this reduces efficiency by fostering redundancy. For example, if everyone does the same exact patient checks in the same exact way, you’re wasting precious chair time.

Your practice will become more efficient if every team member works together like a puzzle by doing something slightly different as part of their general role. Eventually, redundant actions add up, lowering profits and production. On the other hand, making one minor adjustment to improve clinical efficiency can create a wave of improvement throughout the dental office.

Delegate with a Dental Management Company that Has Your Best Interest at Heart

Although hiring outside help might feel vulnerable at first, Dental Practice Enhancement is here to gently ease your practice into efficiency. Find out more about our services by calling (833) DPE – FOR – U or sending a quick message. We look forward to helping your dental practice succeed. 

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