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Dental Management Company Offers Tips for Inter-Office Communications

As we are just days away from the new year, it’s time to set a few resolutions for 2023. If you are a dentist or a dental office manager, the most important goals you can set are those that will enhance your dental practice management. Our dental management company could recommend countless goals. But few things are as important as supportive communication with your own team members.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, our founder Tina Brown has decades of experience in dental practice management. She has assembled a team of skilled professionals, offering remote administrative services, as well as clinical and adminstrative training. 

If you are looking to make 2023 your best year yet, Dental Practice Management is ready to help. Contact our office today to learn more about what we do or to schedule a coaching session. 

Provide Positive Feedback to Your Team

Though you may not consider yourself a critical person, simply refraining from criticism is often not enough to motivate your team. And if team members don’t feel that their accomplishments are being recognized, they may not be receptive to your critical feedback, however well-intentioned and respectfully phrased it might be. Plus, it can make your job as a manager more difficult. In fact, 37% of managers said that they are uncomfortable providing feedback if they believe that it will not be positively received. 

At our dental management company, we circumvent these challenges by making a habit of noting what our team members are doing well. We suggest that you begin any review or planning session with an acknowledgement of employee accomplishments. Recognize investment in practice success, willingness to support the team, positive patient feedback, professional goals attained, and even personal milestones.

Challenge Your Team Members

As humans, we thrive on change and challenge. If your team members have to do the same tasks day in and day out with little variety, it can make them resentful and bored, and your overall office culture will suffer. Moreover, when team members don’t feel that they are being challenged, their work may not be up to par. Give opportunities for employees to learn a new skill set or expand their current scope of work

Challenges can be intertwined with positive feedback. When you mention someone’s accomplishments, follow it up with an opportunity to build on that skill set. For example, you could tell your administrative assistant, “Our patients have been commenting on the timely and compassionate communication they have with our front desk. You’ve really brought a new level of professionalism and warmth to our practice. I’d like to build on your communication skills by having you take on some of the dialogue with our insurance providers.”

Your administrator will feel valued and, instead of feeling burdened by the new responsibilities, will instead feel excited to rise to the challenge.

Enter 2023 with Our Dental Management Company

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