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Dental Office Managers: Are you making progress this year?

Although it’s only June, there’s no time like the present to strategize for the rest of the year. If you need an extra set of eyes on your dental office year-end goals, consider hiring Dental Practice Enhancement. Our team can observe, diagnose, and treat systemic problems that can strain your dental team so that you can focus on surviving and thriving until the end of the fiscal year. Taking time to assess where you are right now concerning your annual goals helps you get there in December. Here are four pointers that can help you achieve that:

1. Look Backwards to Plan for the Future

Take a moment to reflect on last year. Before devising and putting a year-end plan in motion, you’ll have to dig deep and answer these questions:

  • What did the schedule look like?
  • How did your numbers work out?
  • Were there any areas that needed improvement?

We’re halfway through the year, so now is the time to adjust your summer, fall, and winter schedule so that you can complete your dental office milestones.

2. Understand that Not All Goals are Financial

Although it’s natural to want to increase revenue on the business side of the dental practice, other factors influence a dental office’s overall performance. If some of your goals don’t have to do with the bottom line, that’s perfectly fine. Some dental offices aim to improve office culture, make their team feel appreciated, or offer an excellent patient experience. Regardless of how you measure your dental office success, the time to evaluate and adjust is now.

3. Get Your Team on Board

It’s challenging to facilitate change in your dental office if your team doesn’t understand the rationale behind it. Collectively, take with your team and firmly remind them why their goals are essential for the overall dental office and why change must happen. Also, if your office has an end-of-the-year incentive system, this is a great time to mention how a few adjustments right now can ensure that they reach their goals without the added stress of a time crunch around the holidays.

4. Check-In with Your Team Members on Their Goals

Throughout the year, each team member should consistently work towards their personal goals established at their last evaluation. If you haven’t already checked in with your team since the beginning of the year, it’s time to have one-on-ones again. One-on-one meetings serve as an opportunity to confirm that the individuals in your dental office are on track and actively taking the necessary steps to achieve their goals.

Even if just one team member reaches their objectives for the year, that still creates an impact. If everyone turns their goals into a reality, it boosts office morale. Furthermore, your team might feel motivated and more capable of meeting next year’s ambitions for growth.

Dental Practice Enhancement Wants to Help You Reach Your Goals

Dental Practice Enhancement understands that the dental office landscape rapidly evolves, but we want to help you reach your goals in any way possible. If you need support in developing your skills and knowledge as a dental office manager, want specialized training to improve your team, or would like to hire a virtual administrator as an extra helping hand, reach out to use online or call (833) DPE – FOR – U.

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