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Take An Assessment: The Health Of Your Dental Practice

Starting a new year, a new season, or a new journey can be either exciting or scary for people. Hope, aspirations, dreams, anticipation, exhilaration and/or new goals may accompany your feelings on embarking into newness, but what’s constant no matter how you feel about the new season approaching is, preparation. Being prepared to attack and conquer what’s to come is a MUST. This means taking inventory of the previous season. Your previous goals may not have been met but taking the time to asses where you are and where your want to be will surely set your practice up for success in the coming season.

Have you taken the time to ponder and address the reasons why you may not have achieved the goals that were set in the previous season(s)? Often times we’re so happy to put the past behind us and quickly move on that we forget to ask why it didn’t go as planned. Take a look back and assess what worked or may not have worked so well and make the necessary adjustments in hopes of having this new opportunity to start again the best ever!

As we end the first quarter of 2018 and inch into the second let’s approach assessing your dental practice in this manner:

In looking back…

  1. Did you or do you have systems in place to help you productively navigate through the office’s day-to-day? These systems could be things like telephone techniques, daily strategy meetings, scheduling, confirmations, patient flow, a sound financial policy with arrangements, marketing, updated HIPPA procedures, and many others. NOW ask yourself, “is it working for your practice and what can be eliminated or improved upon?”
  2. Did you provide your patients with the best possible customer service? Often times in the busyness of the day-to-day things may tend to slip through the cracks. If you can’t answer this question with a definite “Yes!” then there’s a problem.

Take a moment to reflect and keep a few things in mind when doing so:

  • If it’s working, do more of it!
  • If it’s not working, stop doing it or change it!
  • If you don’t know, find it out, and monitor it!

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