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5 Signs Your Practice Could Use Virtual Office Management

Although things have largely returned to normal following the COVID-19 shutdown, many professionals have discovered the benefits of working remotely. The exception, of course, is the medical industry. While some consultations can take place via video chat, the only way to fill a tooth or place a crown is in person. But even though your clinicians need to work on site, remote dental practice management could be a huge benefit to your practice. Read on to learn whether virtual office management is right for you. 

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1. Your Administrative Team Is Stretched Too Thin

Unless you have a very large front office staff, it’s likely that your administrative team has at least some degree of dissatisfaction. And it’s no wonder! When they already face the day-to-day challenges of keeping the office running, paperwork can easily pile up, necessitating late hours or weekend work. 

The remote administrators at Dental Practice Enhancement can take care of billing and insurance paperwork, so your team can be present to patients and deal with real-time dilemmas. 

2. Your Practice Is Going Through a Transition 

Maybe your practice is in a period of growth, but you’re not ready to hire an additional full-time team member. Or maybe you need a new office manager, but you’re preparing for retirement. 

Virtual office management allows you to get the administrative help you need without the financial commitment of a new hire. We tailor our services to meet your needs, meaning our administrators can work as much – or as little – as you would like.

3. Patient Communication and Follow-Through Is Slipping

Do you struggle to bring your patients into the office regularly? If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2017 study, only 17% of dentists say their patients come in for cleanings every 6 months. But preventive care is the backbone of a practice, and if you’re falling short here, you’re missing out on significant profits. 

Our team can improve hygiene recall by making calls or sending emails to your existing patients. We also offer training and scripts to help your current team in this department.

4. You Have Outstanding Accounts Receivable 

The other reason your practice may be less profitable than it could be is that you have a high accounts receivable. And we get it! If bringing patients into the office is a challenge, collecting overdue bills is doubly so! 

When you choose virtual office management with Dental Practice Enhancement, we start from the ground up with a line-by-line audit of each patient. After making any necessary corrections, we will submit the statement and then make follow-up calls, if necessary.

5. Clinicians Are Taking on Administrative Tasks

As a dentist, your focus should be on your patients. If you ever find that you are stepping into the front office to handle insurance paperwork, answer the phone, or craft a patient email, this is a clear sign that you would benefit from remote administration!

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