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Signs You Need a Virtual Assistant for Your Dental Practice

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In the current landscape, it’s more important than ever to provide patients with exceptional customer service. Patients need to feel comfortable and at ease when venturing out. To make your practice run more smoothly and efficiently, you should look into hiring a virtual assistant.

These highly-trained professionals work remotely to perform tasks usually handled by in-office employees. In turn, your employees have more time to tend to patients. How do you know when you need a virtual assistant? Let’s take a look.

1. Spending too much money on payroll

When you find yourself spending too much money on payroll, a virtual assistant might be just what the dentist ordered. With these remote employees, you only pay them for the hours they work. Additionally, you don’t have to offer expensive benefits, and overtime that can really hurt your bottom line. Think of all the money you can save!

2. Spending too much time training

When your practice is inundated with work, it’s probably time to hire a new employee. However, the last thing you want to do is spend all of your time training. Since these virtual assistants already come vetted and trained, the learning curve is less steep. You and your employees spend less time teaching a new hire.

3. Need to free up space

With social distancing guidelines in effect, your practice needs as few people in the office as possible. However, you still need to maintain your productivity. With a virtual employee, the work gets done, and you’re able to keep you, your employees, and patients safe. Best of all, since the assistant is remote, you don’t have to set up any more work stations. Your in-practice employees will have more room to spread out.

4. Insurance claims piling up

No dental practice wants old insurance claims piling up. These old claims mean that your business is losing out on money. To get your books in order, you need these professional assistants to process your claims faster. Plus, they’ll have more time to take a closer look at denied claims and clean up any billing mistakes.

5. You’re turning away patients.

If your practice is turning away too many potential patients, that’s a sign that you need a virtual assistant. When you’re struggling to care for your current patients, you don’t have time to take on new ones. Everything is made easier with an assistant who can take on more administrative duties. Your in-house employees will have more time to not only care for current patients but new ones, too.

6. Overworked employees

If your employees are unhappy and feel overworked, you want to help them, right? Getting them extra help and support boosts morale. With a remote assistant, this helps take the pressure off your in-house employees, while ensuring that your practice is productive. After all, a happy employee is a productive employee!

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