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Scale Your Dental Business: Achieve More by Doing Less

While there are many ways to grow your dental business, one pearl of wisdom stands the test of time: less is more. There’s a reason why minimalism is a trend that’s here to stay. Here are four principles that you can incorporate this mindset into your dental business:

1. Speak Less

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is over-talking and under-listening. How can you comprehend what your team members or patients want or need if you’re doing most of the talking?

When you master the art of speaking less and listening, it pays off in many ways. Most importantly, this simple practice gives you the space to fruitfully develop your ideas so that you don’t mince your words.

Also, you’ll have more impact and a firmer grasp of the listener’s attention when you have the opportunity to speak while gaining respect and admiration (because they finally have the attention of someone that listens to them).

2. Use Less Data

Don’t get us wrong. High-quality data is a powerful tool that improves communication between doctors and patients while enhancing health outcomes. Even though data serves a purpose, avoid data dumping on patients. Sometimes, too much data can seem overwhelming or (even worse) mind-numbing.

Instead, start telling your patients emotional stories and reinforcing these messages with facts. For every point, you need to make, support it with an analogy, example, or short story to help your message stick.

3. Offer and Accept Fewer Excuses

Excuse-making is an indication of low accountability. Generally, people make excuses in an effort to lower expectations and rationalize their lackluster performance is acceptable.

As the adage says, “actions speak louder than words.” Here’s the thing: more than likely, your patients and team members don’t care why their expectations weren’t met. More often than not, people care about the result. If you promise to do something, do what you need to get the job done or humbly ask for help.

4. Have Less Stuff

Our brains thrive with structure and consistency. Cumulative research supports that clutter is bad for the brain (to put it simply). Physical clutter is a constant reminder of disorganization. Furthermore, the visual distraction of clutter reduces our ability to focus, increases cognitive overload, and impairs working memory. On top of that, clutter can make people feel stressed, anxious, and even depressed.

Now that you understand how clutter can impact your patients, team, and anyone who steps into your dental business, look at your space. Is your front office, treatment rooms, or other office areas neat, orderly, and purposeful—or are they filled with too many articulators, stacks of paper, or anything else that is not necessary? Take time to look at your website. Is it simple to navigate?

It’s worth decluttering your physical space and online presence. So, your potential and current patients can concentrate on your message and good work, not get distracted by junk.

Grow Your Dental Business with Dental Practice Enhancement

Here’s a secret: you don’t grow your dental business by doing “more.” Instead, you successfully scale a dental business by doing less by concentrating on creating a company culture that values clarity, focus, and accountability.

Work smarter and not harder, and consider hiring Dental Practice Enhancement to help you restructure your dental business by training your administrative and clinical staff based on what they need. Find out more about our premium services by calling (833) DPE – FOR – U or messaging us online.

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