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4 Ways That Outsourcing Contributes to Dental Practice Success

Arguably, patient care is at the heart of dental practice success. You are more likely to retain patients and have satisfied patients if you provide personalized, high-quality patient care. Even in the glorious age of digital marketing, mouth-to-mouth marketing is worth its weight in gold. Patient satisfaction translates into referrals, team morale, and revenue. 

How does outsourcing to virtual administrators contribute to patient satisfaction and dental practice success? 

Here are four key factors and ways that outsourcing can help you achieve your goals:  

1. Developing Your Team

Which dental practice owner doesn’t wish for a dream team? Finding the right people, talents, and personalities is no easy task. Many skilled team members with specialized areas of focus are going to work differently than the flexible team member that simultaneously juggles many tasks throughout the day. But developing your team can be a difficult task. 

Outsourcing is one way to grow your team with specialists who work outside the patient experience and can handle the stress of highly demanding tasks. These shifts in responsibility can greatly impact the climate in the office and help create a more upbeat and positive workplace culture. Your team and patients will greatly appreciate it. 

2. Quality Time

Back to those multi-tasking roles… a dental practice is a unique work environment and usually requires the dental team to wear multiple hats. Quality patient care implies that each patient is receiving quality time from start to finish. 

Many new patients want to ask their questions over the phone before ever stepping foot in the office. This requires patience and time which a frazzled front office team member may not readily have. 

Apprehensive patients also require additional chair time to talk through their concerns with the doctor and team prior to treatment. Providing this quality time is necessary for the development of a practice’s patient base and success. Outsourcing creates an environment for the quality time each patient needs. 

3. Area of Focus

Dental practices that accept dental insurance are often unprepared for the demanding new responsibility of insurance revenue cycle management. These responsibilities include: 

  • Credentialing
  • Verification
  • Billing
  • Claims follow-up

Additional areas such as team training can be demanding. Outsourcing introduces specialized virtual administrators and trainers into these areas of focus which will free up the practice’s time and resources. 

4. How You Schedule

How a dental practice schedules its patients says a lot about the standard of care each patient can expect to receive. When patients enter a highly chaotic practice, their first instinct is to worry and rush. If the doctor and team feel frazzled, the patient will also feel this way. 

Outsourcing lifts the feeling of chaos from the practice by taking over the majority of day-to-day administrative functions which can be tedious and stressful. Outsourcing provides a new level of training, support, and confidence. It allows the entire team to adjust their focus on each patient’s needs while working in a less chaotic and stressful environment. 

Let Dental Practice Enhancement Help You Achieve Dental Practice Success

Outsourcing is a win-win service for both the dental practice team and their patients, ultimately ensuring greater dental practice success. Our highly-trained and qualified virtual administrators are here to help you reach your dental practice goals. Contact us today at (833) DPE-FOR-U or fill out the form on our website.

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