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Dental Practice Growth: Why It’s Important and How To Do It Successfully

Growing your dental practice isn’t just important–it’s vital to your practice’s long-term success. But, dental practice growth requires much more than delivering exceptional dental care. That’s why Dental Practice Enhancement is dedicated to helping you grow and improve your practice.

Through enhanced coaching and outsourcing services, Dental Practice Enhancement provides you with the necessary tools and information for optimal growth. If you’re ready to get unparalleled service with knowledgeable professionals, then call our team at 833-DPE-FOR-U or message us online.

Meanwhile, let our Dental Practice Enhancement team give you tips and tricks for successfully growing your business. You won’t believe how easy it is!

Why is dental practice growth important?

Maintaining and building your patient pool is crucial to your practice’s success. However, COVID-19 has made dental practice growth and maintenance more difficult. In fact, one 2020 survey suggests that over 40% of dentists anticipate difficulty maintaining and boosting their patient volume even after COVID-19 restrictions are lowered. 

Such difficulty leads many dentists to feel unsure about their practice’s success. However, there are several ways that dental professionals can easily boost their patient pool and realize maximum profits.

5 Ways to Boost Your Dental Practice Growth

Growing your practice requires diversity. Therefore, dental professionals should seek many different avenues to reach new patients and keep existing patients. So, here are five tips and tricks we suggest for successful dental practice growth.

1. Create a Strong Web Presence 

Approximately 75% of internet users admit that a poorly designed website plays a major role in their decision to dismiss a company or practice. Therefore, revamping your practice’s website is key to dental practice growth. Here are some ways to make your website more appealing to potential patients:

  • List and explain all of the services that your practice offers
  • State your credentials, experience, and dedication to continuing education
  • Clearly label which insurance providers your practice accepts
  • State your office’s policies (e.g. no-show and cancellation procedures, COVID-19 guidelines, etc.)
  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information, including online messaging and emergency phone lines

2. Optimize Your Content

The internet is a powerful tool, and dental professionals should use it to their advantage. That’s why we strongly suggest that dental professionals boost their web content with search engine optimization (SEO).

Investing in an SEO expert helps generate more web traffic to your website by boosting your web content on search engines like Google. So, when a patient searches for dental services in your area, an SEO expert will ensure that your practice is at the top of the list. In turn, patients are more likely to click on your website, schedule an appointment, and add to your patient pool.

3. Consider How Patients Want to Communicate With You

We live in a fast-paced world that leaves little time for phone calls. Therefore, it’s best to offer several ways that you and your patients can communicate. For example, implementing text and email communication is a great way to enhance patient-doctor communication.

In fact, a shocking 30% of patients prefer text messages as their preferred means of communication with their dentists. This is followed closely by 28% who prefer emails, and 25% who prefer phone calls. 

4. Offer Incentives

One of the best ways to build your practice is through patient referrals and online reviews. However, patients are less likely to refer their family members and friends or post online reviews without encouragement. Therefore, incentivizing patient referrals and online reviews is a great way to increase your dental practice growth with minimal legwork. 

Common dental practice incentives include:

  • Offering discounted services when patients refer friends and family members
  • Establishing a reward point system for patient referrals 
  • Providing small monetary incentives, like $5 gift cards

5. Community Outreach Programs

Getting involved in your community is a fantastic way to spread information about your dental practice. Therefore, we advise dental professionals to seize dental practice growth opportunities, such as:

  • Sponsor or attend community events
  • Visit local schools to advocate for dental health and education
  • Provide reduced-cost or pro bono dental treatments to disadvantaged members of your community    

Boost Your Dental Practice Today!

Growing your dental practice doesn’t have to feel like an uphill battle when you partner with Dental Practice Enhancement. We’re ready to help you increase your patient pool and start realizing your full earning potential. So, call us today at 833-DPE-FOR-U or reach us online here.



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