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5 Key Components of Dental Office Manager Training 

Dentists and dental assistants are required by law to complete continuing education. But if you want your dental practice management to shine, your administrators need CE, too! Dental office manager training can ensure that communication is effective. It can also make for happier, more satisfied patients. And it can increase your overall profitability

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we offer thorough dental office manager training. We are not a generic training program. We will personally evaluate your practice operations, noting your individual strengths and weaknesses. Then we can focus on the areas that will most benefit your office. Here are five of the most common and important aspects of dental office manager training, but, again, we will tailor our services to you!

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1. Team Building and Communication 

An office manager is not only responsible for finances and paperwork. In fact, you could argue that the most important part of the job is interpersonal. Managers should know how to play to the strengths of each team member, keeping them engaged and interested in their work. They should also know how to maintain communication between front-of-house and clinical staff. 

2. Technology Integration 

Dental technology is not just about digital x-rays and CEREC imaging. Administrative software helps to boost the efficiency and organization of any practice. If you already have software in place, we can help you use it to its full potential. And if you need a technological overhaul, we can help you adopt a new software system that is perfect for your practice. 

3. Dental Collections and Accounts Receivable 

When it comes to finances, our dental office manager training can take many different forms. The foundational step is to make sure that your practice has an established payment policy. We will also make sure that your entire team is fully aware of each step of the process, from insurance verification to collections calls. 

Collections are another area of training. And it is often a much-needed one, since calling overdue patients can be awkward and embarrassing. We will help you write a script for collections calls, working through various scenarios that your team may encounter. 

Finally, if you don’t already have one, we can help you set up a same-day payment system.

4. Financing Options

88% of dentists are worried that their patients will not be able to pay for services. Offering financing options can alleviate these concerns. And they will be much appreciated by patients who simply don’t have the ability to pay upfront. 

Financing can be through a third party, such as CareCredit®. Or you may choose to set up your own in-house system. We can help you evaluate both options and implement whichever system best fits your needs

5. Identifying Areas for Growth and Setting Goals 

Finally, dental office manager training should lay a foundation for future growth. We can train your administrators to make periodic assessments of how things are going. In this way, they can learn to guide their team members in setting and achieving new goals. 

We Provide Outstanding Dental Office Manager Training!

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