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“Are virtual administrators HIPAA compliant?” And Other FAQs about Remote Management 

You’ve heard about the benefits of virtual administrators (VAs). Maybe some of your fellow practice owners are singing the praises of remote dental practice management. But when it comes to the logistics of integrating a VA into your practice, you likely have a lot of questions. After all, it can be a big transition if you have been hiring traditional in-house employees for many years

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we are confident that this is a transition you will be glad you made! Virtual administrators can have enormous benefits, taking your practice from barely surviving to thriving! We are happy to answer any questions you may have and explain how our services will work with your practice. 

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Are virtual administrators HIPAA compliant?

Absolutely! The HIPAA Privacy Rule allows for virtual administrators, categorized as business associates.

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we are meticulous about adhering to all HIPAA guidelines to protect the privacy and safety of your patients.

What can virtual administrators do for my practice?

VAs can complete pretty much any task that an on-site administrator would perform. Some of the most common tasks for our team include:

What are some signs that I would benefit from a VA?

If any of the following ring true, it may be time to hire a virtual administrator:

  • Your staff is constantly overworked and overstressed.
  • Your patients complain about the communication at your practice.
  • You have a lot of patients with outstanding balances.
  • You frequently have rejected or disputed insurance claims.
  • You have poor patient recall. 

What are the benefits of working with virtual administrators?

VAs can take the stress out of dentistry and make your job fun again. With virtual administration, you will benefit from the knowledge of a dedicated admin but without the expense of another full-time employee. If your practice is in financial trouble, we can set up an accounts receivable system and then work tirelessly until you are back in the black.

Will I have a direct line of communication with my VA?

At Dental Practice Enhancement, we assign an individual administrator to each of our clients. They can get to know you and your needs specifically, tailoring their services to your practice. Each administrator also has a backup for holidays and emergencies, so you will always reach a live person, not a call center or automated system.

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